How to Find MAC Address Of Your Android Device (Quick Guide)

If you don’t know how to find MAC address on your android device then don’t worry I have written a simple tutorial that will guide you in finding your MAC address of your android device. There might be several reason why you need to know your MAC address and one of the most important reason is filtering your device in router. So without wasting any time lets get started…

Steps to Find MAC Address Of  Your Android Device

  • So first we need to turn on our WiFi so press the menu button and navigate to :

Settings – Wireless & Networks – WiFi – Turn it ON

  • Hit the back button, scroll down at the bottom and tap on About phone
  • Now tap on Status to view the status of your android device.
  • There you can find your MAC Address under WiFi Mac Address Section.
Now you could easily locate your MAC Address on your android device. Hope this guide helps you , If you face any kind of problem then feel free to ask in comments.


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