Why You Should Choose an iPhone Over Android


Android is by far one of the most popular operating system. This means that Apple has got a force to reckon with a hardcore competitor. Research shows that Android’s user base is growing by leaps and bounds and approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide are using Android supported smartphones today.

However, the tide is now shifting and focus is now on Apple’s high-end smartphone – the iPhone. The preference for Apple phones over Android supported smartphones is further manifested by marketers, developers and content providers who prefer the Apple store as their first stop destination for apps of their interest.


Apple’s trademark iPhone initially captured only a 1% share in 2007 in the global mobile market worldwide and has now risen to 10% in the current year. We analyzed the steady and rising iPhone user base and attributed it to the following factors:

The One and Only iOS

The iPhone is privileged in the sense that it is manufactured by a single company i.e. Apple. However, the case with Android is the exact opposite, there are various Android device manufacturers and makers like HTC, Samsung, etc.

The plus point of having a single manufacturer is that the central functionality of the iPhone stays the same regardless of the various versions. This further gives you peace of mind because you won’t have to do the comparison work- comparing different versions of the phone with different producers.

Furthermore, installing iOS updates on your iPhone is as simple as ABC. If the update was released in the morning, you can upgrade your iPhone right away without worrying about the technical details. However, it is another story with Android supported smartphones, you can’t install updates without sacrificing an arm and a leg.

Apple Ecosystem

If you own other Apple devices such as an iPad, iPod, Mac book, or Apple TV you can easily make them work together at once. If you start typing an email on your Mac book, feel free to complete on your iPhone while you are on the go or even send messages/videos from your iPhone to your Apple TV. Although owning several iDevices at once may become super costly, there is no harm in having fun when you own them.

Will Android ever give you that kind of flexibility? Unfortunately no, the more reasons why you should choose an iPhone.

Smart and Secure Operating System

Due to the locked down development environment that Apple devices come with, it is pretty secure and safe from threats like malware and viruses. You will never hear an iPhone user complaining of a virus infection on their phone’s operating system.

Over a Million Apps and Still Counting!

The Apple store has got the largest number of high-quality apps available for download. However, the high number of apps available on the App store is attributed to its strict selection criteria (only approves apps after a lengthy screening process), and that is the reason app developers opt to release their apps first on the Apple store before moving on to other platforms.

Most large enterprises in the industry such as Instagram were comfortable having their app on the Apple store for a full two years before they thought of venturing into the Google Play Store.

Apple Support and Customer Care

The best thing about Apple is that it has got excellent customer care with stores all over the world meant to cater to different customer queries. All major shopping malls in several cities all over the world include Apple customer care centers. You can take advantage of these stores to address any complaints that you have regarding your iPhone such as cracked screens and bug issues. Android customer care is not even close to the level of Apple’s customer care.

You Can Rely on iPhones

IOS operating systems rarely hang up or crash, you are always guaranteed of secure firmware with every new version of an iOS. The case with Android is exactly the opposite, Android operating systems are notorious for frequently crashing, although major brands like Samsung provide a stable OS with each of their phones.

Clean and Neat Apps, Without Carrier Specific Ones

When you purchase an iPhone, you will notice that there are just a few basic apps not related to the carrier you bought it from, and you are at liberty to install apps of your choice afterward. However, if you are purchasing an Android phone from a specific carrier, you will notice that it comes Pre-installed with branded apps specific to the carrier.

Carrier specific apps which come pre-installed in Android phones con not be uninstalled but only disabled. This means a large chunk of your phone’s internal memory is taken up by apps which you will never need.

Marvelous Cameras

One undisputable fact is that iPhone cameras are incredible. From the very first version of the iPhone to the most recent one, one thing is consistent, that is its camera. It may even be reasonable to say that the iPhone camera is its best-selling point.

From the dimmest to brightest settings, you are assured of a quality image, courtesy of the iPhone camera. With the exception of a few Android cameras like the Samsung S5, the other Android cameras are far inferior to iPhone cameras.

Effortless Sharing

When you own an iPhone, it is very easy to share everything from location to pictures with your friends who also own iPhones. Just with a few simple taps, you are able to share the intended information with your friends. While Android phones also allow sharing of information among phones, it is a rather hectic procedure. You have to download several apps before you can share anything.


Apple iPhones are a bit pricey but have features that make the money that you spend on purchasing one worth it. From dedicated customer support to nice and neat apps, a robust operation system to incredible cameras and robust sharing features, you have it all on an iPhone. Moreover, the most awaited apps from major brands first manifest themselves in the iPhone app store.

Why do you prefer an iPhone over an Android phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author’s Bio:

Sadia Suhail is a serial content marketer, who is passionate about Inbound marketing, SEO, CRO, Email marketing and E-commerce. She is a writer at Mobiwoz.com


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