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The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly. There is lots of e-commerce websites available in the Indian market. With so many websites we usually get confused to decide whether we are getting the best deal or not. And once you purchased the item you hear that it was available at discounted price in another shopping portal. So today I am reviewing a price comparison and coupon website which can help you to grab the best deal for any product.


PriceRaja is price comparison website which lets you search and compare products across different categories. If you mostly rely on online shopping then PriceRaja should have a permanent place in your bookmarks tab. Here are some of the best features of PriceRaja.

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Features of Price Raja

Product Comparison

Suppose I want to buy a Macbook but I can’t figure out which model would work the best for me. In such case, PriceRaja is a life saver.  It lets you compare different products against each other in terms of price and features. As you can see I have compared 3 different models of Macbook air and now I could easily compare all of them in terms of specifications, processor, memory, screen size, price.


Price Drop Alert

So you have now compared different products and found the best out of them. But unfortunately, the product you have selected doesn’t fit your budget, however, you can still rely on PriceRaja as it has a great feature which lets you set price drop alert. To set price drop alert, click the Set Price Drop Alert button on the product page and enter the email address or phone number where you wish to receive the alert. Now whenever the price of the product drops you will be notified via email. So now you can relax and wait for the price drop.

price drop alert

Value for Money Indicator

Once the product is selected the next question that pops into your mind is “Is this product worth buying?” Usually, most of us are not good in judging whether the product is worth its current deal price or not. If you are one of them then you can use the value for money indicator. It’s located below the price tag. The indicator turns green whenever the price of the product is lower than average price.

value for money indicator

Best Deals

PriceRaja is properly organized just like a shopping portal. It has a deal sections which offer best deals for categories like gadgets, mobiles, electronics, women’s wear, fashion, men’s wear, and much more. If you are a shopping geek then you can hit the Top Product Deals section and find the best deals on the internet. These deals are updated regularly so the chances of expired deals are less.


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