Traffic Junky Review – Best CPM Ad Network?

A very popular online advertising network that is offering a very optimal and very strong platform that is solely based on the CPM method. CPM stands for cost per thousand models; it is basically used to refer to the price that thousand advertisements impression on a single web page.

Founded in the year 2008 in Canada, Traffic Junky is a private web company. And now it is become one of the biggest advertising companies that have about 141 million of daily visitors and about 2.2 billion of mobile phones and web impressions every single day. This is considered to be a very reliable source of premium and advertising platforms by their trusted customer.

How it works?

The CPM method is a very beneficial way for both the publishers and the advertisers, though they make sure that the advertising cost is solely calculated on the market value. The price of this is calculated on the supply and demand graph and then they draw the algorithms.

The company also has about geo- targeting solutions where they show certain ads at certain places only; this is like displaying the ad to the target audience only. They even have a user friendly campaign creator and they also offer quite dynamic targeting features to note down the impressions and the revenue share of the website URL. If you get approved by them than your website is a part of Traffic Junky’s run of Network. And their publishers will be displaying add on your website or blog.

They have a very huge and wide network of websites that gets many ad impressions daily.

And if you are an advertiser and at the other end of the road than you can even bid your ads to be only on the top most websites so that a larger number of audiences can see those. So this CPM bidding system is the best way to make a win- win situation for both the parties.

And people get good possible rates from their website impressions they have each day.

Following are the advantages:

  • Quite flexible and user friendly that develops a win- win situation for both the parties.
  • A complete statistical report that gives you exact details of how to track the performance of your website or ads.
  • The payout is even allowed on weekly basis and a person can get their money transferred on easy platforms like PayPal, international transfer etc.
  • The Traffic Junky even offers a 10 percent of referral commission programs.
  • The advertisers can even advertise their ads at the least possible rate of 0.1 which are very cheap and to register to their network you will need to pay only about 25 dollars.


  • The Traffic Junky only flashes ads to the websites they do not deal in flash ads or pop-ups and ads.
  • They do not have proper options to target the apt demographics unlike other advertising companies.
  • Their publishers are mostly the adult ones like the RedTube etc.


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