5 Simple Android Hacking Apps for Script Kiddies

Gone those days when we have to use computers to perform complicated tasks. Now smartphones are as powerful as computers. Android is one of the most advanced mobile operating system available and you can do amazing things using your Android smartphone.

If you are a smartphone geek and want to show your skills to your friends then here are some simple hacking apps which you can use to show your geeky skills.  In case if you are an advanced user and looking for some advance hacking tools then you can check our article on best hacking apps for Android.

5 Simple Hackings Apps for Android

All the apps mentioned below are very easy to use. Some of these application requires root access so you need a rooted device.


Orbot is a must-have app if you are a regular internet user. It is developed by the Tor project. It is a free proxy app which can be used to hide your real IP address and mask it with a fake IP address. This app can be useful to browse blocked websites and restricted apps. If you are looking for more such browsers then you can check our post on Best proxy browsers for Android.

Mobile Faker

This app will work if you have a rooted device. It also requires “Xposed Framework” installed and active. Mobile Faker is an Xposed Module which makes the device appears to be a different device. So other apps will see your phone as some other model. You can change the model number of the device and the android version with this app. This app comes handy when your device doesn’t support apps from Play Store because of old android version or model. If that’s the case then you can fake/change the model number and Android version so that you can download the particular app from Play Store.


Pixelknot is the best and easy way to share a hidden message to another person without anyone knowing it. If you are having a secret that you want to share then just take a picture and write a message on it and then enter a password. With Pixelknot only your friends can unlock your messages using your secret password.

WiFi Kill

This is a great app using which you can kick out users connected to your WiFi network. You can also block internet access of devices connected on the same network. For some reason the app is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download its APK file in order to install it.

WiFi Map-Free Passwords

Now, this is a controversial app. WiFi Map-Free Passwords allows you to connect to nearest WiFi for FREE internet access all over the world. It may not work for everyone but you can give it a try.

How to use:

  1. Launch WiFi Map.
  2. The app will show the nearest WiFi hotspots with their passwords.
  3. Done! You are now connected to WiFi.


  • WiFi spots from around the world.
  • Map navigation.
  • WiFi hotspots with tips and passwords.

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