Fascinating History of the Word ‘Hack’ – Infographic


The use of the word “Hack” is common these days. Lifehacker offers hacks you can use in day to day life to save your time. While we at Geeks Gyaan offer tech hacks & tricks to enhance your computing experience.

Whenever we think of the word Hack the first thing that comes in mind is malicious hacking (cyber crime) or shortcuts used in day to day life. So everybody has there own definition of the word Hack

In early nineties hack was a dirty word it was mostly linked with cyber crime or data frauds. It was all about hacking someones computer and stealing or manipulating their data.

Surprisingly the word Hack was first used in the year 1200. Earlier its meaning was to cut roughly with heavy blows. So from cutting trees to getting involved in the modern tech, Discover the entire history of this word in the below infographic.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike scrum project management software

The History of the Word ‘Hack’ - by Wrike project management software


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