How to Organize your Tasks with Printable Calendars


Missed deadlines or forgotten steps can derail projects and events. In business or professions, these missteps translate to disappointed customers or clients, lost money and even legal jeopardy. Even more personal or non-business events require planning and organization. 

Printable calendars offer assistance for planning projects, events and the tasks and resources required to successfully complete or conduct them. The complexity of your schedule, work and lifestyle will guide the type of printable calendar you need and the content of it.

Choosing the Type of Calendar

Most calendar applications or templates offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly displays. The type you need turns often on your work and the type of schedule you face. To find the most suitable one for your needs, you can try opting for online services like for free printable calendars.

Monthly Calendars

If your schedule generally does not vary from day to day or week to week, normally a monthly calendar will suffice for your tasks. This may apply if you work fixed shifts, perform a single task or set of related tasks and don’t have set appointments. Your monthly calendar likely will have special events and holidays and show any vacations or time off. 

Should you have multiple projects or events, the monthly calendar provides a valuable overview of when to schedule various events. For instance, you might not wish to schedule vacations the week before a trial, product roll-out or other deadlines.

Daily Calendar

Consider a daily calendar, in addition to a monthly one, if you shoulder a significant amount of work, face changing circumstances or engage in a variety of ventures and tasks. In these ranks include business owners, professionals, students and others who have numerous projects or tasks occurring simultaneously. Daily printable calendars also assist those who may coach or volunteer in addition to work or students with extracurricular activities or part-time jobs.

Printing a daily calendar will show the appointments and specific items to accomplish which you have already identified and scheduled. Also, you will see intervals which you have not allotted to a particular activity. Emergencies or other events may occur that require your immediate attention, resulting in use of nonscheduled time or adjustments of the schedule. You can also use the “open” time to accomplish tasks on projects, prepare for upcoming events and return phone calls or other messages.

Weekly Calendars

To grasp your work week, include on weekly printable calendars important meetings, events and due dates. If space permits, you might also include appointments. However, if you have many in a single day, showing those on a daily will afford more space than the weekly version. 

Yearly Calendars

Typically, yearly calendars don’t allow you to display much information about tasks. However, they can still help you see when major projects or events take place, especially when those will occur over multiple days. Use yearly calendars to mark school days, vacation days or weeks, trial sessions and business trips lasting multiple days.

Sports schedules are also suited for yearly calendars. For games, create a legend with colors for opponents or to mark home or away games. Use abbreviations for the opponents. On a yearly calendar, insert small symbols for holidays. For instance, a turkey represents Thanksgiving Day, while a U.S. flag can stand for Independence Day. Again, showing holidays even on a yearly calendar helps you see and know when banks, post offices and government agencies are closed.

The Content of the Calendars


Holidays represent times of observances and celebrations. 

They also mean days when banks, courts, post offices and government offices are closed. Mark your calendar with these days, especially if your tasks involve financial transactions or institutions legal matters and mailings. Go to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for a list of federal holidays. Your state or local government or court office should also maintain a list of holidays. 

Include religious observances in your printable calendar, even if you don’t observe them. On these days, your clients, vendors, suppliers or others with whom you work might not be available. 

Identify Projects and Events

List projects or events with occurrences or due dates. These include weddings, births, construction, open houses, holiday parties and product launches. Place them on weekly or monthly calendars.

These items require planning and the performance of preparatory actions. By entering your tasks and events with due dates, you’ll see whether you have realistically allotted sufficient time or resources to accomplish them.

Project or Event Tasks

For the projects and events, list the tasks required for the event or project. You might start with a separate sheet of paper, then enter them and a due date or time to complete into your calendar template or application.

For example, typical wedding preparation tasks include:
• Finding and fitting for dress
• Reserve church or other venue
• Order wedding cake
• Arrange for entertainment, decorations, caterer
• Order and send invitations
• Obtain the marriage license
• Reservations for honeymoon

Depending on your state, either the register of deeds or clerk of court issues licenses. A printable calendar listing official holidays lets you see when these licensing offices are closed, as well as when you cannot schedule a ceremony to be officiated by a judge or magistrate. 

Meetings and Appointments, Including Personal Ones

Tasks include more than projects or events. To organize and allot enough time, list your appointments or other items. Many of these involve your personal affairs. They include:

• Doctors, dentists and other medical visits
• Surgeries
• Car repairs and maintenance
• Parent-teacher or other school conferences
• Classes


Printable calendars may come with colors to help you categorize tasks. For example, you might designate green for financial tasks, such as preparing tax returns, closing land or other major purchases and paying insurance or other bills. Purple or pink may show weddings, while a festive color such as yellow or bright orange may signify parties. For medical appointments, consider red.

Deadlines and certain events may require special attention or priority. For those, use bold or all caps to emphasize the task or event. 


Organization often begins with planning. Printable calendars aid you in planning your days, weeks, months and years. They afford you a visual reminder of the time you need and have for your activities, events and major projects. With a printable calendar, you can also see or plan free time for personal or leisure activities.



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