5 Most Popular Types of Blog Niche


Looking to make money from blogging? You need to know the five most popular types of blogs and understand their appeal, in order to influence the widest audience. You also need to understand a thing or two about SEO if you’re going to market your blog correctly and effectively.

According to Google statistics, here are the five most commonly searched blog types to help you establish a commercial reach that will help you attract visitors and increase your profits.

1. Fashion Blogs

(approx. 18k searches per month)

The number one most searched type of blog online is actually the fashion blog, and for good reason. Fashion bloggers are now seen as an intrinsic part of the fabric of most fashion week events around the globe. Long gone are the times when high-end magazines such as Vogue would dictate the latest fashions to the masses. Nowadays, the finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion and style lies in the hands of young Millennials who showcase their wardrobes to their thousands of followers via social media accounts.

2. Food

(approx. 12k searches per month)

If there’s one thing people love as much as eating food, it’s reading about it. What’s the appeal? If you’re a wannabe foodie, getting inspiration from food bloggers is one way to broaden your cooking know-how and discover inventive twists on your existing favorites. Some food bloggers have even made the leap into the celebrity world, such as Jack Monroe, a UK-based single-mom-turned-blogger who found fame through her budget cooking blog called Cooking on a Bootstrap.

3. Travel

(approx. 10k searches per month)

You could argue that being paid to travel is just about the best job on the planet… this is the life of a travel blogger! For many visitors to travel blogs, these sites serve as an escape from the real world and provide inspiration towards their next big getaway. Furthermore, prospective travelers can also learn tips and advice from an experienced guide who has documented and shared intimate details of the entire journey to a specific region.

4. Beauty

(approx. 5.4k searches per month)

The beauty obsession started a few years ago with the birth of reality TV shows such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, and this obsession isn’t going anywhere soon! From new faces to consummate professionals, video sharing sites such as YouTube are filled with makeup artists and beauty bloggers, all passionate about achieving the latest trends in the genre.

5. Music

(approx. 5.4k searches per month)

Music blogs are increasingly shaping the face of the music industry, as viewers of major blogs will regard the reviews and content shared within these sites very highly. Their content can have a superbly influential effect on their reading audiences – if a music lover’s favorite blog tells them an artist’s new album is great, they’ll likely give that artist a listen… and similarly, if the same blog declares it to be bad, chances are they’ll give it a miss!

Once you’ve identified your niche, be sure to create your site through a reputable platform such as WordPress, and save yourself time and energy by investing in a hosted blog. It’s possible to find WordPress blog hosting packages that will ensure your online venture runs as smoothly as possible, even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.


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