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Hydra Dynamo aka Aditya Sawant is a gamer and a popular streamer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

He is popularly known for streaming PUBG Mobile, he also streams other games like PUBG PC and Apex Legends. Dynamo gaming is one of the fastest growing gaming channels in India with 3.9 million subscribers.

According to his YouTube Profile, he has played many tournaments in Mumbai cafes & won some of them.

Personal Details

Dynamo Gaming Picture

Dynamo Gaming Real Name Aditya Sawant
AGE 22 Years
Height 5.8 inches
City Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Special Skills Sniping
Favorite Dialog Patt se headshot
Income Source Sponsorship, Google AdSense, Donations & Superchats

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Dynamo Gaming is one of the most popular streamers in Indian Gaming Community. His every live streaming video cross more than half a million views and his YouTube channel gets more than 25000+ subscribers a day. This number is increasing day by day. You can check more stats on Social Blade.

In PUBG Mobile season 3 he was on the 4th position in Asia region. This again helped him to gain more popularity. Recently he received 113,257+ live watching on his stream which broke all his previous records. He is also popular for his dialog “Patt se headshot” when he snipes someone with a headshot. This is a catchy line which makes his streams more entertaining.

Early Days

He started gaming when he was in 6th standard. In the early day’s dynamo gaming used to stream PUBG PC and other First-Person Shooter games like dota2, BF1, BF3, BF4. He used to stream games for 4 to 6 hours daily with 5-10 people watching his stream. Now as you know he receives 113000+ watching on his live stream. Hard work really pays off.

Dynamo Gaming was fascinated by this idea of an open world FPS game launching and after PUBG mobile was launched in India he quickly understood that people relate to this game and started streaming it. Within a year of streaming, he gained a good number of subscribers and never looked back.


Dynamo Gaming was accused of playing a mobile game on PC using an emulator and killing mobile players. But according to Tencent Games (Creators of PUBG Mobile), Emulator players are only matched with other emulator players. Unless you have an emulator player in your team you won’t be matched with other emulator players. Also, Tencent has developed an official emulator to play PUBG Mobile. Still, some people accuse him of playing on Emulator.

According to Dynamo Gaming, he plays PUBG mobile as people like watching PUBG Mobile and many people relate to that game, he also occasionally uploads PUBG PC gameplay. Due to less watching of other FPS games he plays PUBG Mobile only.

He was also accused of having an egoist attitude on his stream while talking about the PUBG Mobile vs Emulator controversy, but as we know he is a very humble guy who tries not to miss super chats.

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