Discord Servers – Are they Actually Safe?

Discord is the most popular chat app for gaming with millions of users from different ages with trillion of ideas about Discord servers. Soon after the malware attack on Discord, parents got worried about their children using Discord app. Two days ago, a malware named Spidey bot attacked Discord users creating uncertainty of possible data and identity thefts. However, the question among the parents persists whether Discord Serves are safe to use or not.

Discord Servers are Safe but not Safe

Discord is a private chat room, aimed to be built safe and ensuring the safety of its users. However, in this rapidly growing technological era, we cannot consider everything is safe. The genius menaces minds are always searching loopholes to attack or to create panic in the application and among users. So, surely it is safe to use but on the other hand, having a possible threat too. Take an example, you decided to add a bot to your Discord Server, and you publicized it. There would be some menaces who will come and leave your server and possibly creating spambots and other problems.

So, the Discord server is only safe when you create it. To keep it safe, you need to privatize and manage Discord Servers properly or to get some protection shield or hide under the shell.

How Can I Make my Discord Server Safe?

Keeping Discord Server Safe from hackers is a hectic task, but the solution always exists for such problems. For those developers and users who want to keep their accounts safe and secure, here’s a quick go through on what you should do.

First Open Discord App and go to Server Settings -> Moderation

1. Set up a Verification Level

To keep an account on who can interact with your server, first, you need to set a minimum threshold for it. You can do this by setting up a Server verification levels and updating it to the highest security level.

By making people ten minutes wait, you can prevent possible spam attempts. Meanwhile, the newcomers will have time to read the rules and conversations in the chat before joining in.

2. Apply Explicit Content Filter

By applying Explicit Content Filtering, it will help to detect all inappropriate images and delete them. You can use these desired settings from Server Settings -> Moderation.

3. Enabling Server-wide Two Factor Authentication to all Admins

When you have developed your server, make sure to allow server-wide Two Factor Authentication. 2FA will permit and make sure that all admins of your servers have enabled server-wide 2FA or not.

When all admins accounts of your Discord servers enable two-factor authentication, they eradicate the risk of potentially compromising attack to one of your admin accounts from malicious folks and discouraging them from performing the unwanted moderative actions. You can enable server two-factor authentication from the button which you can find at the bottom of the Server Settings > Moderation tab.

To conclude, there are a lot of things which you can do with your Discord Server, and Discord servers are hence safe. It becomes conditional on the security level you apply to your servers and what you decide to do with your members.


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