15 Best iPhone Hacking Apps That Actually Works

It is no secret that unlike Android which is an open-source platform, the iPhone is pretty hard to hack. After all, people love the iPhone for its robust security features. That’s probably the reason that you fail to find any hacking apps for iPhone on the Apple App Store.

As we have already made a list of popular hacking apps for Android, so we decided to enlist some popular iOS hacking Apps best used by ethical hackers, forensics, reverse engineers, and iOS app developers to check their app’s security. These apps are well-reviewed and reliable but before you proceed, we want you to read the disclaimer below.

👉 Disclaimer

This article is not at all intended to promote hacking in any way. It is just for the purpose of information and education for ethical hacking.

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One of the most highly regarded monitoring apps on the planet is mSpy. And they offer an iPhone version that lets you see what’s happening on someone else’s phone. Once installed on their device, you’ll have a full suite of features at your disposal.

This includes being able to read their iMessages and texts, see their location, view a detailed location history, see their call logs, view their web activity, and more. But one of the best features is social media monitoring. With mSpy, you can see what they’re saying in their favorite chat app, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Tinder.

One of the best iPhone hack solutions on the market, mSpy works on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak iPhones, so no matter what kind of device they’re using, you’re covered.

If you want a customized app that works on non-jailbroken iPhones then you can always hire an app development team to create your own app. You can learn more about ionic app development cost here.

iRET – A Reverse Engineering Toolkit For iOS Platform

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone

This hacking app for iOS, developed by Veracode, is an analysis tool used by pen testers. It works on Python. Its features include testing of database content with the use of SQLite, reading list files and logs, keychain analysis, etc. The job of the pen tester is to repeatedly perform a specific task to gain efficiency. These tasks are like typing commands for hacking the iPhone.

Github link of iRET

iWep Pro

Best Hacking Apps for iPhone

It is a wireless technique for iOS users to utilize in many ways. Using this tool, you can generate the WEP key for any Wifi router. Also, detects any vulnerability in your router. Moreover, this tool can also be effectively used as a Wi-Fi password cracker app. It can easily break the encryption of the Wifi password.

iWep Pro

Myriam iOS Security App

Hacking Apps for iPhone

It is a tool developed by GitHub user GeoSn0w. GeoSn0w is a security researcher. He aimed to develop this app for iOS hackers. Using this tool iOS hackers can Discover, explore, and experiment with various hacking techniques on an iPhone device. It features in-App Data modification, App Activation Bypass, and Jailbreak Detection. It can manipulate any application to load your profile website.

Myriam GitHub Link


Best Hacking Apps for iOS

If you have an HTTP sniffer program, you can analyze the network traffic for testing the security of a device. Burp Suite is the perfect tool that enables you to use the HTTP sniffer program. It is an easy-going program. All you need to do is configure Burp proxy to set connections on all devices which are connected to the network.

Setup Burp configuration


Best iPhone Hacking Apps And Tools

Having Cycript, you can analyze any app running on iOS including iPhone, iPad, and all the other iDevices. It can read, interpret and support Objective-C++ and Javascript. It is basically used for detecting the runtime of Apps meant for the iOS platform. The scope of Cycript will even broaden when working on a jailbreak iOS device. 



It is a reverse engineering App for iPhone. For analyzing iOS apps, this is a reliable tool. It offers functions like jailbreak identification, instance tracking, SSL certificate bypass, and a lot more to explore iOS beyond limits set by Apple.inc. Moreover, it’s easy to use that even a layman can get started with it in just seconds.

iSpy GitHub link


Just like Wifikill works for Android, netKillUIbeta is for iPhone. With this tool, iPhone users can cease devices to connect with the network bandwidth. It is not easily available. You have to make use of the repository to Cydia. The repository is “http://extigy.github.io/repo/”. It is suggested to not use it for any malicious purpose.

Cydia link netKillUIbeta

Hopper App

It is another reverse engineering tool that can be used by any iOS user to decompile, disassemble and Debug iOS app in a jiffy. Apart from that, this tool is also good for modifying and reassembling code. It’s not fair to call it a hacking app for iPhone because it does a lot of other functions that are useful for any iOS users.

Once you configure the Hopper app with Mac operating system or Linux, you need to make use of a cracked binary operation. It’s the latest version of Hopper v4. One can also make use of Hopper SDK, which extends the features and provides the ability to write your own file. It also has CPU support.

Visit Hopper.com

Paraben DS

The full name of this iPhone hacking tool is Paraben Device Seizure. It is made for forensic investigators for examining any mobile device. This application installs on the computer and then connected to the iPhone enabling GUI. The features of Paraben DS includes acquiring data, logical imaging, app data parsing, bypass passwords, malware detection, and carving data. It is frequently updated keeping in view the changes in mobile forensics.

Visit Paraben DS Website

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Frida is best for both jailbroken and non-Jailbroken iOS devices. On jailbreak devices, it is very easy to operate otherwise a little more effort has to put in. It is used for instrumenting debugging apps. Plus there are many Frida APIs that facilitate you make your own tools. It runs in JavaScript V8 Engine. 

Frida For iOS OS


It is an iPhone hacking app that is meant for reverse TCP tunnels from a hijacked network. Post installing a tunnel, there also requires an external host in order to connect different ports. It can even break into the strongest firewall and NAT gateway.

Firecat GitHub Link


As you get the idea from the name, it is a spy app for iPhone devices to monitor social media apps, calls, SMS, GPS tracking, etc. Whomsoever you want to monitor, you may check who is calling them or whom they call, basically you can spy on your partner’s phone. This application is for both platforms – iOS and Android with more than 30 features. Visit the link below to check how mSpy works.

Download mSpy App Now

Highster Mobile

It is a mobile software that spy on mobile phones without being detected. And everything it does remotely. This awesome spy app can keep an eye on WhatsApp messages, Facebook updates, Instagram, Skype contacts, contacts, and even browsing history. However, to enjoy all these features you have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device.

 Highster Mobile Website

xSellize Game Hack

This is not just a hacking app but lets you break into Apple’s core system. To download this app, you need to jailbreak an iOS device. Once you jailbreak, you can install the tycoon of black market apps for Apple i.e. Cydia. On Cydia, you can install xSellize game hacking app.


Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

The name says it all! It is a password breaker for iPhones. Besides guessing the right password, it can decrypt the iOS backups, fetch data from other synchronized accounts like Microsoft and Apple. It can also open the gateway to the iCloud account. You will be amazed to know that many government organizations make use of this app. It works remotely.



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