The Best Holiday Tours and Packages From Thailand to Australia

Thailand is a very diverse country that has something for everyone. Known for its beautiful beaches, dense forests, quirky wildlife, and picturesque mountain ranges, Thailand is perfect for a family holiday, couple’s getaway or even a solo vacation.

Thailand has a rich heritage which is found in its world-famous tourist attractions. Many of which have been documented on television, used as backdrops in Hollywood movies and tend to crop up in modern fiction from time to time. Some of the awe-inspiring sites that are a must to visit are listed below.

What are the Main Attractions to Visit in Thailand?

The Grand Palace

Located in Bangkok, the Grand Palace is undoubtedly the city’s most visited landmark. It was constructed in 1782 and was the home to the Thai King and his royal court for 150 years. The Grand Palace draws in crowds of visitors everyday as its beautiful intricate design and architecture is a testament to the craftsmanship of Thai people.

Most holiday Thailand packages will include a visit to this masterpiece where guided tours are held for the people interested to see what lies inside the walls of the Grand Palace. Be careful and dress politely when visiting the palace as entry will be refused to those who are not properly dressed.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is located between the island of Phuket and the Kra Isthmus, southern Thailand. Phang Nga Bay is a very distinctive site that is known for its limestone cliffs that protrude vertically from the water, a remarkable feature up close.

If you are looking for that picture-perfect backdrop to share on your gram or just for a leisurely day trip, Phang Nga Bay is a must-visit site and is a far more rewarding experience than your standard sightseeing tours.

Floating Markets

Many people have heard of Bangkok’s famous floating markets from tourist guides, travel books and from the numerous pictures online. Hundreds of boats are piled with tropical fruit and vegetables, fresh coconut juice and local delicacies from floating kitchens located right on the boat.

Other floating markets that are a must to visit are Bang Ku Wiang Market, Damnoen Saduak, Taling Chan Market and Tha Kha.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park has over 320 species of birds, 67 species of mammals and thousands of different types of plants. Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khao Yai is known for its lush valleys, white waterfalls, mountain cladded landscapes, and rich biodiversity. This all-year-round holiday destination is a 3-hour drive from Bangkok.

What are the Main Attractions to Visit in Australia?

The land down under has amazing wildlife, dropdead sceneries, numerous water activities and unlimited outdoor adventures. Australia tops the list as an ideal destination for adrenaline junkies, beach aficionados, nature enthusiasts. Millions of tourists visit Australia each year to enjoy the incredible nightlife, local cuisine and untouched islands nearby.

Australia has something to offer for everyone, for travelers who are keen to rent a bike or car, the Great Ocean Road is a must visit to experience the world’s most scenic coastal drive and explore the 12 Apostles. A famous tourist spot, the 12 Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks situated in close proximity to one another.

If you are into marine activities, go diving in Port Lincoln where you can swim with endangered sea lions in their natural habitat. The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is another ideal scuba diving spot to enjoy underwater aquatic life up close.

What are the Landmark Cities to Visit In Australia?

  • Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is known for its harbourfront Opera House.
  • Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, famous for its cuisine, arts and cultural events.
  • Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, known for its Queensland Museum and Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.
  • Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, located on the edge of Swan River and the southwest coast, it has beautiful picturesque riverside botanical gardens and parks.

Australia is an egalitarian society (no class distinction). There is a large British influence in the Australian culture, be it sports, language or religion.

Great Barrier Reef

The largest in the world, the Great Barrier Reef can be accessed from several beautiful coastal cities that include Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, and Rockhampton. Activities here generally center around marine life, where snorkeling and scuba diving is a must for first-time travelers.

If you are someone who prefers to stay dry, go for a glass-bottomed boat cruise instead.

The Blue Mountains

Located in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains border Sydney’s metropolitan area and mainly comprises scenic landscapes with charming small towns in between. A wide variety of outdoor adventures such as scenic drives, horseback riding, cycling, rock climbing, hiking and several other extreme adventure sports such as abseiling (rappelling), canyoning and cave exploring can be an experience of a lifetime.

Other ways to explore the Blue Mountain ranges include a hop-on-hop-off Blue Mountains Trolley Tour that stops at 29 attractions and a scenic cable-car ride.

Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest is ecotourism at its finest. Tourists can visit the World’s oldest surviving rainforest and choose from several guided interpretive tours that range from 2 to 5 hours which include a boat cruise through the mangrove swamps followed by lunch and afternoon tea.

Daintree Rainforest is located on the east coast of Australia and is a must-see destination for your Australia tour itinerary. This pristine rainforest is privately owned by long-term inhabitants who are passionate and look forward to meeting other nature lovers.


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