This is The Right Time to Make Career in Gaming

Esports is not just a billion-dollar industry, it is a chance for you to develop crucial soft skills and make a career of something fun.

E-Games is the Sport for Students

Ten years ago, video games were frowned upon as a hobby for school children, but after Fortnite, esports has exploded into a billion-dollar industry with millions of viewers and professional, sought-after athletes. Are e-sport games a viable option for a hobby or a career? Let’s find out together!

Education and Career Prospects for Cybersport Aficionados

E-games are now acknowledged as a high school varsity sport across eight states in the U.S., including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Rhode Island. Schools are tempted to include esports into their extracurricular activity rosters because it increases student engagement rates. Besides, esports promotes the development of various soft skills, such as time-management, working with others, strategic thinking, and success and failure management.

Moreover, 100 American colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports. At the same time, over 250 more schools promote club programs. Over 200 colleges spend $15 million per year by offering scholarships to outstanding gamers. Students can now start their esports career in high school, proceed to college-level competitions, and finally go pro, similar to football and basketball players.

The most successful players make six figures a year and compete for million-dollar prizes in national and international competitions. Some are attracting corporate endorsement deal offers, increasing their influence even more. For instance, Dr.Lupo (Benjamin Lupo) was the first professional gamer to sign an endorsement deal with an insurance company State Farm that had previously signed Aaron Rodgers and Chris Paul.

However, all high school players cannot grow up to become professional athletes. Luckily, the esports industry is growing exponentially and offers multiple employment possibilities. Professional teams and arenas are always in need of medical staff, security, technical and marketing specialists, managers, and more. Considering the number of esports viewers is estimated to exceed that of the NBA in 2021, the number of job opportunities will only multiply in the coming years.

Even outside of the esports industry, players can leverage their gaming experience. Most colleges offering esports programs are renowned for their STEM curriculum and tech industry ties. Software engineering, game design, and quality assurance are among the common career tracks players can take to make most of both worlds.

Now Is the Time to Get into Esports

If you are anything like your peers, you are playing video games for fun when you should be studying. However, you can turn this hobby into a valuable addition to your college application and resume, if you play your cards right. The only downside to esports career is that like everything that pays off, it requires significant investments of your time and effort.

To become a professional player, you will need to spend up to 50 hours a week in training while keeping up with your classes and homework. Outsourcing the latter can save you hours per week and make your professional gaming career a reality.

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After you skim a review for or ten, you will feel much better about outsourcing your homework and devoting your time to what really matters. If you love video games and want to pursue a professional career, focus on training and developing skills. Your hard work will pay off when you land an esports scholarship, get a full ride and a chance to go pro after graduation.



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