Android or iOS for Mobile Gaming?

Many Canadian mobile gamers already have strong opinions on which operating system (OS) is better between iOS vs android gaming performance. While your mobile gaming OS choice ultimately depends on your own preferences, we’d like to provide a more objective guide for gamers out there who are still on the fence.

Our guest author Kevin Cochran gives you a breakdown of the pros and cons of each OS. To find out more about Kevin, visit his page here.

Game Access

The top gaming developers can afford to roll out their new mobile games on both Android and iOS simultaneously. However, most developers release their products on the Apple Store weeks before they reach the Google Play Store

The simple reason for this is because the iOS ecosystem is much smaller than Android’s. There are fewer OS versions and only two gadgets to consider: the iPad and the iPhone.

Game developers for Android, on the other hand, have to consider hundreds of OS versions and gadgets before release. Because Android users in Canada typically take longer to update to current OS versions, developers must also ensure that their games also support outdated OS versions.

Canadian Apple users also generally spend more on games than Android users, which incentivizes game developers to prioritize the iOS market first.

When it comes to mobile gaming, Canadian players have mixed opinions about which platform is better for them, especially when it comes to playing free Keno games.

Apple definitely has an edge in terms of mobile gambling. The strictness of Apple works well to ensure that only legitimate online casinos are allowed on their platform. Android users also have access to different legitimate online casinos, but unscrupulous casinos can sneak in occasionally.

iOS vs. Android Game Performance

Research has consistently shown that iOS users are much more satisfied with their device’s game performance compared to Android users in Canada.

Big-ticket mobile games have the resources to make sure that their Android and iOS versions perform equally well, but smaller developers can find it difficult to navigate the more complex task of optimizing their game for the thousands of different Android devices.

The short list of Apple devices helps developers optimize their products before release. This helps games in the App Store perform much better on average than Android games.


Apple is strict about the apps and games they allow in their App Store. The company can be a little opaque with their terms and has the power to introduce new rules that eliminates thousands of games overnight.

Google has the same power over the products in the Play Store, but rarely exercises it. For the most part, the company takes a “hands off” approach about the contents of the Play Store, aside from basic safety and performance issues. 

iOS users can often find their favourite game removed without even a notice. Apple is also more proactive about its mission to provide quality over quantity. The company does not shy away from removing games that do not meet their high standards. 

Google’s Play Store is much more lax about game quality. The company seems to prioritize player choice over moderation. This means that Canadian Android users technically have access to more games, though any long-time Android gamer in Canada knows that a lot of these games will be uninstalled a few hours in.

Mobile Device Costs

In terms of device costs, Android wins by a landslide. Android devices are much cheaper than Apple devices on average. Furthermore, there are several choices for Android users in terms of price: there are low-end, mid-end, and high-end Android devices to fit any budget.

On the other hand, there are fewer choices if you want to purchase an iOS device. If you’re on a budget, plunking down cash for newly released Apple products can be a difficult choice. The reseller market for Apple devices is also much smaller.

New Android smartphones or tablets can easily cost as much as second-hand Apple devices. For instance, you can get a good Android tablet from a Chinese company such as Alldocube for just $200. A similar tablet from a company like Samsung can also be had for around $30 more. These prices are much lower than new iPads that can cost around $700 on average.

Android vs iOS Future

The different philosophies of Google and Android for game development will likely not change in the future. A preference for one platform over another depends on your own needs as a gamer.

If you prefer a tightly controlled platform filled with high-quality games and are willing to pay the cost for it, then iOS is your best bet. If you’re on a tighter budget and don’t mind sifting through bad games to find good ones, then Android should be right for you.


If you have the money to splurge, go ahead and try out Apple. If you prefer to stick within a lower budget, Android is certainly not a bad option. 


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