Restart 2021 Aims To Set The Benchmark For The Experimental Event Industry

The rise of new safety concerns due to the Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the landscape of all the markets in the world, especially the event industry. It has almost become imperative for everyone to switch to online platforms for every service and event with social distancing.

Since a few months after the pandemic hit, there has been an exponential surge in online platforms and their services, but most have a restricted list of features on offer. This is where the need for the experiential event industry arises. With the pandemic having continued for more than a year, virtual or online events have now become a face of the future.

Restart 2021 is one such event where you can see more than 4000+ leading marketing professionals, event industry professionals, CMO’s, VP’s, speaking about “virtual events” and how the event industry has emerged to meet new demands. The event will focus on setting a new benchmark for the virtual event industry.

In the future, the experimental and hybrid event industry will be the kings in the event industry, not only because people want them but also because people’s geographical locations won’t be a barrier. The cost-cutting benefits involved in experimental events are also attractive for the host and attendees alike. This, in turn, will lead to better ROI for every event broadcasted.

Restart 2021 Will Set a New Benchmark

Restart 2021 aims to set a benchmark for the virtual, experimental, and hybrid event industry by discussing the best ideas for virtual platforms to thrive. The most fundamental of such benchmarks is to allow app interpreters to remove the previously existing communication gap and offer content in various languages by offering translations. This will, in turn, allow you to broadcast and access the event in any language you want, leading to a wider range of participants, removing borders and barriers, and creating a market open to all. Hubilo features more than 100 languages, making its platform widely accessible.

Creating new ticket opportunities is also important. Hubilo uses audio-only attendance if you don’t want to be too fatigued; this is another way to boost traffic on experiential events. This leads to increased attendance for paid-for virtual events. Restart 2021 will shed light on the point that hybrid events platforms should be focused on the exhibitor’s gratification and the attendees.

virtual event

Virtual event platforms like Hubilo allow you to create an event within minutes, making the entire process incredibly easy. Additionally, there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities available for the exhibitor to sponsor an event. A mobile application is an additional feature that makes it much easier to attend such events.

Another important thing to lead to a better customer experience is 24×7 support. There are managers for each event planned, not only for support in onboarding but also for full support during the conferences and events. This improves the overall experience for all stakeholders. Hubilo also offers a variety of events to set up, making it useful for different industries. Some of these include conferences, award shows, job fairs, medical events, educational events, hackathons, member engagement, etc.

In Conclusion

Restart 2021 will feature many experienced professionals discussing how hybrid or experiential event platforms are the next big thing in the industry and how to leverage the marketing stacks in your favor to engage new customers.


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