Miniature Carrying Case – What It Is and Why Do You Need It?

Tabletop games and board games are getting back on our tables, even though the gaming world has slightly changed over the past years. There are so many options to choose between a lot of variable stories and plots of the games. The gaming market has started to expand. As a result, one can purchase thousands of complementary goods that are mostly necessary to play the game. Moreover, the events held all over the world allow participants to get to know each other and expand the community.

What is wargaming about?

It is a strategic type of game. Playing war games requires a lot of knowledge and rules that have to be applied during battles and wars. The more you play, the more experience you get and the whole process gets less and less complicated. An average wargame consists of a map, set of units, and rules.

Some of the fairly realistic wargames require you to get to know the rule book to be allowed to play the game. The rule books include plots, strategies, guides and heros’ plots. A rule book is also a good start for those who just start their journey with wargaming. Military formations are to be learned in the units.

As you might have seen, there is this type of wargames that is performed by miniatures. This is the next complementary good that needs to be purchased in order to perform or play the game. The choice is up to you. There are plenty of games that don’t require any additional expenses.

What are the reasons to play wargames?

First of all, playing wargames brings a lot of joy and makes people more open and sociable. Secondly, thinking about strategies or the next move stimulates our brain and develops intellectual stimulation. There is no way to play it online. The tournaments require your presence in person. It is a good way to learn how to deal with different types of people and handle a lot of uncomfortable situations. Every meeting contributes to getting a new skill.

What are miniatures and why do we need them? 

Miniatures, figurines, or just ‘minis’ may be one of the complementary goods of a wargame. The presence of miniatures depends upon the wargame’s plot, whether the author had created them or not.

These small creatures are handmade or made in dedicated factories and used as game pawns. Most frequently they are produced of metal and plastic. The rule books indicate the features and powers that every miniature is able to perform. Knowing all the weaknesses and strengths, you have to lead your team to victory.

Apart from the active players, we can differentiate the collectors who don’t use their miniatures to play or perform. They take part in events and buy them just to keep them in their miniature storage. It is more convenient for them to collect the miniatures rather than becoming one of the contestants. The miniature market is a separate sector that steadily rises up.

How to store your miniatures in bags? Choose your own miniature storage

It is not true that a miniature carrying case is suitable only for a limited amount of miniatures. It is only true if you own more than a few hundred of miniature units. In general, there is no wrong way to store your minis unless you keep them on your windowsill where they are exposed to the sun.

Concerning the miniature bags, there are some solutions that you may have paid attention to. First of all, you need to answer yourself some important questions about the aim of storing. Think if you are willing to travel, about the amount of units you own and the plans for the closest future.

Now, when your needs are more specified, it is time to meet A-case. The company was founded by a person who has spent many years developing the best solution for gamers traveling all over the world. Most importantly, there are no foam trays that may be personalized only to one miniature. The idea was to create a bag that would fit a big army in many ways with no risk of damage at once.

Army case – miniature carrying bag with no foam inside

At the moment there are 3 models of the bags available in our online shop. Our main idea to protect and fit so many miniatures is to stick to them with a magnetic base. The trays inside are made of metal, so the magical solution of protecting and immobilizing the miniatures is the magnetic attraction. Moreover, you can add as many trays as you need. Apart from the metal frame, you can fully personalize your carrying bag. Additional pockets allow you to put in some personal items. The high-quality material makes the bag damage and water-resistant.

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