GTA RP and Reddit: Defining Hatred in Internet Times

xQc is one of the most prolific streamers on Twitch when it comes to GTA RP. he, along with a bunch of other twitch streamers, are people many new players watch to get a sense of the game, and therefore it makes sense that he will have a lot of followers and a large viewership. 

Why, then, does this rather successful streamer need to worry himself about what goes on in Reddit? What exactly happened to demand his attention? In this article, we will tell you all about this drama and why this is a major thorn in the side of the game. Let’s get started!

The Rules of NoPixel

It is a simple fact that change is the only constant in this world. Unfortunately, it is also true that most people aren’t a fan of change. It is threatening to the status quo, which a lot of people have invested in with blood, sweat, and tears. Change always creates a divide, and without exception, this is what happened to the people on NoPixel, one of the most populated GTA 5 RP servers in the world.

The server’s regulations (i.e., the laws of NoPixel’s world) were recently altered. Some of the server’s streamers were dissatisfied, and their clips were posted on the r/RPClipsGTA subreddit. This is a community that deals with the happenings of the server, discussing news, plays, and the popular streamers and their actions. 

The Reddit users in this community disagreed with the streamers, prompting the server’s owner, Francis “Koil,” to take matters into his own hands. He logged into the game and used OOC (out of character) language with a streamer, which many people deemed rude and unnecessary. And Reddit, famous for taking on and crashing Wall Street earlier this year, is not afraid to voice negative opinions. This is what led to The Call.

Sowing Discord: The Call

If anyone has spent any amount of time on the internet, they know that it can be a harsh place. From the vitriol spewed on Twitter and the comments on YouTube, it is quite clear that people with opinions will find a way to cut deep no matter what. The subreddit’s users were out in force, creating multiple threads to discuss the behavior of the streamers, and many unkind things were said. This is, sadly, normal, and the streamers about whom these threads and comments were made took no exception to this.

This is what led to the call. Francis set up a Discord call between a bunch of popular streamers and a single mod of the subreddit. The streamers, as can be expected, had a lot to say. Why were they the subject of such hatred on the sub? Why were the hate threads never deleted? Did the mods do this on purpose? If so, what was the intent behind this?

This is where we pick back up with xQc. Being a reasonable sort, he commented that the mod team often reacted swiftly and removed many drama-heavy threads quite quickly. However, some of these threads lingered for more than eight hours, which wasn’t very nice. This, he felt, was intentional.

dotPHUNK, the subreddit moderator on call, defended themselves by saying it was difficult to find anyone willing to mod around the clock. Since the team needed to sleep, some of the posts stayed up until they could get to it. And this is where the most interesting point was raised.

To Define Hate

One of the streamers, Penta, complained that none of the hate threads about him was ever deleted, to which dotPHUNK responded by asking what exactly a hate thread was. There was some confusion, as Penta couldn’t believe that the mod didn’t know what online hate was. dotPhunk went on to explain that at the risk of sounding disingenuous, he wanted to ask Penta what his definition of hate was.

This is a fair question and one that inspires some thought. At what point does criticism become abuse? Everyone has a different threshold for the amount of abuse they can take, and it is important to know where the line needs to be drawn. For instance, the call itself drew flak from Redditors; they felt that twenty streamers dogpiling on a long mod were unfair. This is a fair criticism. However, anything beyond that, knowing Reddit, might veer closer and closer to hate.

The Final Word

The whole drama with Reddit is nothing new. There will always be drama on the internet, and this is just the latest in the long list of things that will happen whenever Reddit is involved in anything. However, this newest episode brings up a few things worthy of consideration, and for that, at least, marks this exchange as an important one.


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