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The importance of online sales is apparent. Even those who deceived themselves that it is not the key, now must admit it – it is. What is more, Increasing sales in the e-commerce industry is also followed by user awareness. As more and more of us order online, we deal with many web pages every day. Therefore, we intuitively or intentionally choose user-friendly pages, whose creators know what UX is and care for user experience.

Some of the most important parts of good UX are: design and usage of creatives, photos, banners and videos. Product visualization is essential as it replaces the user experience of a physical store. You can not touch, smell or try the object that is presented online. Still, with high-quality and high-resolution photographs, we can present a substitute for physical contact.

Rules of good UX explain that just one photo is not enough. Especially if the product is complex in any way. Clothes, furniture, decorations, works of art, electronic and specialist equipment, etc. – all these need to be shown in detail.

If you want to invest in your business and make sure that your customers are satisfied, you simply need to think about visualizations. And a good place to start your journey is

Why is worth trying?


Creative 3D studio Mimeeq is a place created by professional 3D artists, developers and problem solvers. Manufacturers and distributors can leverage their expertise to enter the world of software and 3D generated content. This type of content is proven to increase conversion by 30%, decrease design costs, speed up marketing and remove manual errors.

Cooperation with is convenient and client-friendly. The ordering process couldn’t be further from long and exhausting e-mail exchanges. They create fully digital offers with proprietary CPQ software of their own. It allows their clients’ in-house teams and their partners to configure, price, quote and, last but not least – order via the cloud in real-time.

You will also appreciate the pricing models. You can start with a lite plan, which includes a package of 50 products, quotations module, Web AR, 100 GB media library, 3 users and support via phone, chat or e-mail. After you see the results, we are sure you will choose the bigger plan!

What services are provided by mimeeq? provides the following services:

  • studio renders,
  • augmented reality,
  • 3D modelling,
  • motion creation,
  • material creation,
  • mood scenes.

You should take notice of augmented reality. This revolutionary technique lets your clients visualize your product in their space. They choose the object. The software has access to the phone camera and it places the visualization of the desired object in a chosen space. Augmented reality is something that will definitely let you stand out from the competition.

Do not hesitate anymore – contact and ask them anything. Step into the future of e-commerce with mimeeq!


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