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Do you share a passion for technology and gadgets? Have a knack for installing and trying out various apps?

Well, here is the opportunity for you! Geeks Gyaan is always on the lookout to work with talented writers to express their opinions on the latest tech. If you believe you can provide some value to our blog then do not hesitate to contact us. All we seek is that the articles sent are well researched and well written.

Geeks Gyaan is open for contributions in the following categories:

  • Technology News
  • Computing
  • Apps
  • Gadgets
  • Websites
  • Social Media
Note – Currently, we only accept sponsored posts.

Blog Statistics

Monthly Visitors: 300,000+ (Google Analytics)
Monthly Unique Users: 178,369+

Domain Authority: 61 (Check here)
Page Authority: 44

Push Notification Subscribers: 10k+
Email Subscribers: 5k+
App Users: 500+

How to get published on Geeks Gyaan?

All the submissions will have to go through internal scrutiny to run checks on various aspects of the article. Here are some guidelines to help you with what gets approved and what does not.

What should the submissions contain to be approved?

Your submissions should ideally contain, wherever applicable:

  • Cite and link sources from where you have derived your material, and to substantiate your claims.
  • Use simple language that makes complex ideas clear for the readers to understand.
  • Give examples to help the readers understand your idea better.
  • Have the article written with your target demographic in mind.
  • Consistency in formatting. The article must not be all over the place when conveying a point.
  • Include images wherever relevant and if they help improve the readability of the article.

Keeping up so far? Great! But do continue, because many other aspects will also get you rejected.

What should the submissions not contain?

The following are the points you need to keep out of your writing when submitting to Geeks Gyaan:

  • Topics that are irrelevant to technology and to the website overall.
  • Content that has heavy language or jargon. If there is a requirement for an unusual word/idea/concept, explain it in simple language at the outset.
  • Submissions that are too short, less than 600 words.
  • Submissions that are not written in English, or in a form of English that is difficult for our readers to comprehend.
  • Submissions that are plagiarized and lifted from other websites.
  • Content that has not been proofread and is full of grammatical errors.
  • Submissions on tools, products, or apps that are not representing both the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Don’t forget to check the format

  • Submissions are to be in plaintext, PDF, or DOC formats.
  • The submission should have a full, comprehendible title.
  • The images used should be in JPG format.
  • A credit line should contain a link to the page you have sourced the image from, not just the website.
  • Ensure the images submitted are of the highest resolution possible.

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