Best 4 Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Screen Recorders are very important for making reviews of android games and applications, especially for YouTubers. So I have created a list of top 4 screen recorder apps that let you record your android screen. As you know most of the screen recorders require root access for recording your screen but with the new android lollipop, you can enjoy most of the screen recorders without root access. 

Best 4 Screen Recorder Apps for Android 2015

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

This is probably the best screen recorder available in the market, it can record possibly great quality videos as well as audio via the microphone. The free version allows us to record videos up to five minutes which is better than other free screen recorders, on the other hand, the paid version allows us to record videos up to one hour and save your favorite configurations as presets. If you are using lollipop then you don’t need to root your device as mentioned above.

ASC Screen Recorder

As most of the screen recorders require root access ASC is the only one that runs smoothly without rooting. That’s the reason ASC is on the top two. It’s a free app but there are some limitations in the free version.

  • It records high-quality videos but only up to 20 seconds.
  • We can add different touch gestures that enhance the video experience.
  • The only problem is it is not able to record voice in free as well as the paid version.

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SCR Screen Recorder 

SCR is another great screen recorder application that has a very easy to use interface. The free version have limitations of recording up to 3 minutes. A great thing is it can directly record in-game audio without the quality loss caused by microphone recording speakers output. As it is developed using some unofficial API’s so this app may not run perfectly on some devices and ROMS. 


It is a no-root screen recorder. I have personally used recordable it can record good quality videos with audio. The only problem is it has only 16 fps so it might be some pixelation when you zoom in. The free version displays a logo during recordings and limits frame rate to 8fps, Full version is fully functional. Earlier it is not compatible with android lollipop but thanks to there developers now its perfectly compatible.

According to me, Rec. is the best screen recorder app for users who have rooted the device and if you haven’t rooted your device then the rest of the three are for you. Hoped you enjoyed the article! have a doubt? Comment below


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