WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Rolls Out for Lollipop Users

You must have seen leaked pictures of WhatsApp voice calling feature. With the all new calling feature whatsapp has totally planned to kill the old school way of making calls. Recently pradnesh07 an indian reddit user posted that he has got the voice calling feature update. However there is no official confirmation from whatsapp about such update. Below is the screen shot of updated whatsapp interface which includes calling feature too.

Thats what the new whatsapp look like. We have three different tabs CALLS,CHATS and CONTACTS which is a great way of dealing with calls and chats simultaneously. Pradnesh was using nexus 5 which runs on lollipop, so there is high possibility of getting this update to lollipop users.

Not only Pradnesh got this update many lollipop users have got this update. A friend of mine on facebook posted this picture. 

So if you have lollipop installed then check if there is any update for whatsapp. If there is not then piece off guys soon you can call free of charge from whatsapp.


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