How to Change Facebook Theme in Chrome/Firefox

Social networking websites like Myspace & twitter allow us to change its appearance whereas facebook lacks at this point. Many people sick of the default facebook theme. If you’re one of them then don’t worry it’s is very easy to change Facebook theme by using some available extensions or addons.There are many extensions/addons that will entirely change your facebook look. I have used many extensions  but most of them requires premium membership & the free one hardly works, But guess what I have successfully digged out the best out of them. The plus point is you can not only change facebook look but also change themes of other sites like youtube, google & and many more. So just follow the below guide to change your facebook theme or look.

How to Change Your Facebook Theme ?

  • Install the extension by clicking on Add to chrome or if you are a Firefox users click on Download Now.

  • Now visit this link  and choose a theme that suits you.
  • Click on the theme and select Install with Stylish.

  • Now just reload facebook and now you can see facebook theme has been updated.

I’m bored how can I revert back the original theme?

Its quite simple, You just need to click on the stylish extension located right to URL bar in your browser as shown below.

Now you could see all the installed themes, so to delete a theme simply click on delete or disable option.
Note – Delete will delete the theme where as disable will disable it so that you can enable it in future.

So if you face any problem in changing your Facebook theme then please let me know through comments.


  1. sorry sir this does not work on my laptop. tried several times to change the theme. reloading several times. whatseems to be my problem??


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