How to Tag all Friends on Facebook in Single Click

Posting content on Facebook is not enough to attract the audience. One of the best ways is to notify them about the content that you posted, we can achieve this by tagging them. But if you have hundreds of friends then its very time consuming to tag them one by one. So I came up with this tutorial which demonstrates how to tag all friends on facebook with a single click. There’s a script that allows us to do so, the script is often termed as auto tag or automation script. So just follow the simple the guide is given below.

How to Tag all Friends in Facebook Comments

  • So, first of all, navigate to the post where you want to tag/mention all your friends.
  • Click on the timestamp (2 mins) of the post as shown below.
  • If you are using chrome then hit Ctrl + Shift + J to open javascript console or if you are using firefox then hit Ctrl + Shift + K to open javascript console.
  • Copy this AutoTag Script and paste it in the javascript console.
  • Now hit enter and you will see a popup message as shown below.

  • Note down the id number from your post URL as shown below.

  • Enter the id number in the popup message and click on ok.

  • Now just refresh the page and all your friends will be automatically tagged/mentioned in your status/picture.
So I hope you are able to tag all your friends in facebook status or picture, Usually, these kind of scripts are not safe to use but don’t worry this script is totally virus free, If your antivirus flag this as a virus then do let me know so that I will update it.


  1. Doesnt work and fb blocks your request. I think the problem is … IT NEEDS TIME DELAY SCRIPT !!!!!!!!!!!! YES ? …. NO ???

  2. No pop up window an getting this error at the very bottom.

    VM583:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘entries’ of null
    at Object.getPren (:7:381)
    at Object.hajar (:9:22)
    at :19:6


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