4 Essential SEO Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic

Nowadays, SEO plays a vital role in increasing the visibility of a website and driving massive traffic to that website. In fact, the visibility of your website can determine how much sales and profit you can make as a business. If your target audience can find your website on search engines, your business can not survive.

You can successfully drive traffic to your website from search result pages (SERPs) when you rank well. Though the search engine ranking algorithm keeps changing, you should ensure that your website is properly developed. It is also important to post relevant content regularly to drive a steady stream of traffic to your pages.

Many startups and SMEs who run and manage a website nowadays lack a vast understanding on how to optimize their content and increase their overall online visibility. They lack the understanding to fathom the importance of SEO, they just go to blogs and forums that are related to their line of business and begin to source for links.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t work that way, they need to put some effective strategies in place to achieve such visibility. Let’s look at some of the best SEO strategies to increase online visibility.

#1 – Interesting Content

Content goes a long way in helping search engine crawlers see your site. You could try setting up a WordPress blog or make use of other blogs that can easily be optimized with plugins. Then, you should make sure you write at least two articles in a week.

However, the frequency should be improved as time goes by. Similarly, it is important that content on social media platforms are given much more attention. This is because content from popular social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will gain more relevance on the SERPs.

More social media content will be indexed by Google and other search engine sites such as Bing and Yahoo. Hence, this shows how important social media is. As much as content is published on blogs, they should also be published on Social Media too.

#2 – Videos Are the Next Big Thing

Have you tried including videos as part of your content to direct traffic from Search Engines to your website? It is all known that videos are a great way of keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

But do you know that by using videos, your SERPs ranking improves? Videos are interesting to watch; hence, people tend to click more on video content as compared to plain, static text.

Brands are beginning to understand this trend and are now using it to push their brands and products. Marketers are beginning to embrace the use of videos to drive traffic.

#3 – Get Your Site Optimized for Mobile

The rate at which mobile is becoming superior is surprising. Hence, it is important to latch on to this phenomenon and make the best out of it. There are many types of devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, phones, even wrist watches to go online.

Hence, your brand must definitely be mobile friendly. Mobile optimization is an important strategy to execute if you want traffic to your site. Your site visitors will log in from different and several devices, it is important that your site is optimized for those devices.

#4 – Title and Header Tags

These are perhaps the most basic and necessary strategy. If you have the title tag set up right with relevant keywords, you could rank on page one of a search engine for this alone. Your keywords should be inserted in the title of your page or content and the name of your company should be last.

There are usually six headings. For example- H1 (Header 1) as an HTML tag should contain your core keywords. H2 (Header 2) as an HTML tag should contain derivatives of the keywords.

Want to increase the visibility of your website? You should probably visit bluehatmarketing.com and get a free analysis of your website. They will help you to create your SEO strategies and improve your SERPs ranking so that you can appear on the first pages of different Search Engines. It is very important as an upcoming brand or established brand to keep to optimize your website so that people can find you on search engines.


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