10 Best Tasker Profiles for Beginners

In today’s technology-driven world everyone wants ways to make their lives a little easier. Mobile phones over the past decade have evolved immensely and turned into this smart and intelligent handheld devices. Humans, in general, have become over-dependent on these gadgets for simple chores as well.

Right from setting an alarm, maintaining a contact book, finding locations, browsing the internet, etc have been made very easy by the ever-evolving smartphones. But still, to many of its users mobiles phones are a troublesome device to handle with ease. But there are ways one can make it easier and more efficient and one of such ways is a Tasker.

Tasker is a freshly emerged application that is designed to function in a way that makes a user experience of their mobile gadgets easier. An Android application which is context-based and automated. So we have compiled a list of best Tasker profiles for beginners

Best Tasker Profiles You Should Use

1 – Create a sleep timer for the music player

90% of the mobile users will agree that they often go off to sleep with the music still playing in their mobiles. There are many users who specifically use sleep-inducing music to aid them in getting sleep faster and have such music stored in their mobile phones. Such users often have to deal with their music players left on for the whole night.

But no worries, This tasker profile has the solution for it. Follow the steps below and one can switch off the music after a pre-set time :

Create a task and then click on “+”

Then browse in the order given :

  • “Media”
  • “Media Controls”
  • Under “cmd”, press “Stop”

Now go to the grid icon which is located at the bottom right of the screen and select the default music player application. One needs to set a trigger for the intended function to take place. A widget known as “Task Timer” has to be placed on the home screen by dragging it on to the screen from the widget menu.

2 – Guest mode while allowing others to access your phone

This particular Tasker function is very useful for users who have sensitive and private information stored on their mobile phones. Even for users who have their phones often in the hands of kids. One can set up this tasker functionality in a way that the guest user can only access the application on the mobile phones which the user wants them to access.

Here are the steps to follow to setup this functionality :

  • Create a new profile.
  • Go to Applications and mark all the application you want to deny access to guest users.
  • Create a new task and select “+”
  • Select the “App” option and then click on “Go Home”.

3 – Start the music player automatically when headphones are plugged in

This particular Tasker profile is very useful to music lovers and listens to music most of the time on their smartphones. It is a very easy functionality that launches your music player as soon as you plug in your headphones.

Follow the below steps for easy setup :

  • Create a new profile.
  • Select “State” followed by “Hardware”.
  • Now select the “Headset Plugged” option.
  • Create a new task.
  • Now choose “Launch Application”.
  • Select your intended music player and Voila! you are done.

4 – Battery saving mode trigger when the mobile battery is low

With the newer and sleeker technologies coming in all the users have been found complaining about their phone’s battery life. Even with the advent of 3G and 4G internet services, there has been a rapid rise in customer complaints regarding fast battery drains. Tasker has functionality which helps you optimize your mobiles battery consumption and help your phone battery last longer.

Follow the below steps :

  • Select “Profile” and click on “State”
  • Select the “Battery level” and select the percentage range you want to keep after which the mobile runs on battery saver mode.
  • Create a new “Task” and select “+”
  • Disable GPS, Bluetooth, mobile data and WI-FI and any other functionality as per user preference.

5 – Night mode or Quiet mode

This mode is particularly useful for users who have frequent meetings to attend or work at a place with no noise policy. Even during night, people prefer to keep their phones on silent mode in order to be not disturbed but ringing. Using the night mode functionality of the Tasker one can set up the time during the day and the night during which they want their phones to go on silent mode or do not disturb mode and turn back on to loud mode when the specified time is up.

Follow the below steps to set up this mode :

  • Create a new profile
  • Select “Time”, set the time span you want to keep your phone in night mode.
  • Create a new “Task”, select “+”
  • Select “Audio” and then choose either silent or vibrate mode as per your preference.
  • Then select “Net” and choose WI-FI off.

6 – Disable screen timeout

Screen light getting turned off while you are reading a book or a document is often very annoying and irritating to the user.

Follow the below steps to disable your screen timeout :

  • Create a new task.
  • Select the “+” button. Select “Display” followed by “Display timeout”
  • Select the time span you want to set and then save.
  • Now select “Profile” and click “+” and then “Applications”
  • Mark the applications for which you want to activate this Tasker profile.

7 – Auto screen rotation

Every time one needs to make their screen in landscape mode on their mobile phones they have to go to the settings menu and change the mode from portrait to landscape. But this particular Tasker profile makes this task virtually nonexistent. One can pre-assign the applications they prefer to use in landscape mode and then whenever they open these applications, the mobile screen will automatically go into landscape mode.

Follow the below mentioned steps to set up this mode:

  • Create a new profile.
  • Select the applications for which you need auto rotation feature activated.
  • Create a new task. Click on “+” and then “Display”.
  • Switch on ” Display Autorotate”.

8 – Auto change of mobile wallpapers

This particular feature is for users who like to have to change wallpapers on their screens at regular intervals. Only thing is all the wallpapers that the user wants to appear on the mobile screen have to be saved in a single folder location.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to activate this mode :

  • Create a new profile. Select the time period for which you want each wallpaper to stay before auto change triggers.
  • Create a new task. Click on ” +” and select “Variable” and then “Variable Randomize”.
  • Give the variable a name. Input a value of “1”. This is the minimum input value and maximum could be the number of wallpapers.
  • Click on “+” then choose “Display” and then “Set Wallpaper”. Now provide the input path to the images followed by the name of the variable.
  • Return back to the profile.
  • Go to the “Display” again and then turn on “Display State”.

9 – Lock the phone by simply shaking it physically

This feature just makes the user experience a little easy. One can lock the phone simply by shaking it twice physically.

Follow the below steps to activate this feature :

  • Create a new profile.
  • Scroll down to “Events” then click on “Sensor”.
  • Choose “Shake”. Select the specifications like sensitivity, axis, duration, etc.
  • Create a new task. Click on “+”.
  • Choose “Display” and then “System Lock”.

10 – Auto set the screen brightness to a particular level during a certain time span

Mobile phone brightness is very important to eyes and the level of brightness should be adjusted depending on the lighting conditions in the surrounding for perfect user experience. This Tasker profile enables the user to set the mobile in a mode which automatically sets the brightness of the screen depending the time of the day.

Follow the below steps to turn this mode on :

  • Create a new profile.
  • Select “Time” and set the time period/duration during which you the brightness to increase or decrease.
  • Create a new task.
  • Select “+” and then go to “Display”.
  • Choose the “Display Brightness” feature and set the level as per the user desire.
  • Then turn on this mode.

A few other Tasker profiles which are popular and useful are:

  • Set your phone to “silent” simply by turning your device upside down.
  • Turn off the lock screen feature for selected locations.
  • Launch/Start selected applications in a particular sequence.
  • Create a task which sends a text message to a preset list of contacts when your phone battery is low.
  • Create a custom lock/screening for certain applications.


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