How to Track a Lost iPhone Without Any App

Losing your iPhone can be disheartening, All the data and media on the phone are lost (if you don’t have a backup). But losing it doesn’t have to mean buying a new phone. You can track your iPhone that was either lost, stolen or you simply left it squashed between your sofa cushions.

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Different Methods to Track an iPhone

1. Find My iPhone

This inbuilt feature of iPhone allows the owner to track his iPhone with ease; all you need is your phone be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi as this app uses the company’s iCloud services to locate your lost phone. You can also lock your phone, set a pass-code or erase all the data on the phone, without holding the phone in your hand using some another iOS device or laptop.

If you have lost the iPhone, to track an iPhone, open the Find My iPhone on another iOS based device like the iPad, MacBook, or another iPhone. You can find the location of your phone if the phone is connected to the internet. And if not, lock your phone and create a message so that the person finding the phone is able to get in touch with you on the number you provide in the message. Someone will surely return your phone back to you seeing the message, as mine did come back after being lost.

How do you track an iPhone 6?

To track an iPhone 6, go on the iCloud site, click on ‘All Devices’ option and select your device and select the ‘Lost Mode’ and you will be able to track an iPhone 6 in a jiffy.

What can you do if your iPhone is stolen?

If you fear the iPhone may be lost forever and there are minimal chances of it coming back, you have a wonderful option to delete all the data and information stored on your phone. If this data falls into wrong hands, you might get into trouble.

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2. Using Google Timeline

To track an iPhone you can also use the Google Timeline, previously known as the Location History. Google not only collects data but also makes it accessible to you when you require. You will be able to track the last location your phone sent to Google and in case your phone is still on and connected to the internet, you will be able to track its current location. This will help you track the iPhone’s last used location even if the phone is switched off.

To use this service

  • Log on to com/maps/timeline
  • Type in today’s date on the left side of the screen.
  • See the timeline and scroll down the page to see the last reported location of your iPhone.
  • Along with the location, you are able to keep track of the time of location as well.
  • Check to see if your phone is moving about or is static waiting for you to come pick it up.

So these were few methods to track the location of your lost iPhone without using any third party application.



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