11 Professional Beat Making Software for Windows & MAC

Do you love making your own music? If you are thinking that it would be difficult to make your music, then this article is for you. Of course, you need to have a taste and passion to create something cool! Apart from your creativity, you need efficient software to make your beats. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best beat making software that helps you to create any kind of beat that you may want. It’s not really easy to label one software as the best beat making software on the planet. If you browse through the discussions on the beat making forums, you’ll observe that everyone is defending the software they use! Well, there is a reason for that. A relationship must be formed between you and the software to create good music, thus you must spend a certain time to understand and master the software. Anyways, without delaying any further, let’s explore the best beat making software for PC and Mac.

Free vs Paid Beat Making Software

It all depends on your budget. If you are really serious about music composing, we would recommend you to opt for a good paid DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation). If you are in the beginning phase and you are just passionate about making some beats, you may try some of the free beat making software. The free DAWs have limited instruments, effects and beats when compared to the paid options.

Best Beat Making Software for Windows/MAC

FL Studio Producer 20

If you are searching for a professional beat maker software at an affordable price then FL Studio Producer 20 can be a right fit for you. With a bunch of power-packed features, awesome recording capabilities with top-notch pitch shifting and time stretching, outstanding sequencing functionality for optimal MIDI production, FL Studio Producer 20 is certainly a complete audio workstation at a great price! We have already been familiar with the interface as most of us have already used entry-level programs from Fruity Loops. The interface looks similar to that of the free version but offers some great features which even most of the expensive programs miss on. The fluid sliders on the mixer screen are super intuitive and offer a great working experience. The mixing and mastering plugin suite is wonderful and apart from that, there is over 80 plugins built-in!

Logic Pro X

Even though a bit expensive when compared to other programs, Logic Pro X is probably one of the best music recording software for Mac. It has an exclusive virtual instrument library which works great for both studio and live performances. The user interface is easy and intuitive. It has great selecting royalty-free music samples and loops. Some cool AI features are integrated into Logic Pro X. For instance, the virtual drum plug-in runs on an AI algorithm which chooses a virtual drummer which suits the style of your music. The virtual drummer plugin on Logic Pro X is certainly the best drum plugin which lets you to create all genres of music.

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 is 100 times more powerful program than the introversion. It has got everything which you expect in a professional music creating software. The wrap features are excellent to capture the MIDI in a perfect output. It has got 5 built-in virtual instruments which lay down your beats and melodies. The inbuilt library has got 10 GB of sounds, effects and loops.  The user interface of Ableton Live 10 is very different from any other beat maker software. However, it is easy to use once you go through the tutorials.  Overall, Ableton Live 10 is one of the best beat software for a professional music producer or DJ and it is undoubtedly the best bang for the buck.

Cubase Elements 10

Cubase has been producing excellent music production from years and their latest outing Cubase Elements 10 definitely deserves a place in this list. It is affordable and efficient beat maker software that has a great selection of thousands of premade loops. The editing tools are wonderful and the workspace templates allow you to kick-start your project. Though there are only a few virtual instruments compared to the other mainstream music production programs, you can use HALion Sonic SE workstation plug-in which gives you access to tons of presets. You can record 64 MIDI tracks and 48 audio tracks per project which is more than enough.

Dr Drum

If you are a newbie and excited to start creating some beats, Dr Drums is the best beat making software to start with. The video tutorials are awesome and you can start with Dr Drum within no time. Dr Drum allows you to start making beats real quick in a way. It is a perfect music production program for the hobbyists and beginners. Though it is super easy to learn, it has got the features that produce professional beats and sounding. It has a vast library of sound effects and loops comprising of all instruments Bass, Drums, Synths, Melodic Instruments, Pads, FX etc. The best thing about Dr Drum is it is affordable and there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist

PreSonus has been shipping out quite good tools for music production. With an attractive price and wide-range of features, PreSonus’ Studio One is certainly among the most efficient DAWs you can find at the moment. Studio One 3 comes in two versions – Artist and Pro. Even though the PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist is a lighter package when compared to the Pro, it has got plenty enough to create awesome music. It comes with 5 virtual instruments and 36 native effects. The best part is the content browser function which allows you to search for all kinds of effects and samples effortlessly. We can easily say that PreSonus Studio One 3 is definitely the most efficient entry-level DAW on the market today.

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio

The Acoustica’s Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is a PC-only DAW. With a great set of features, regular updates and price of just $180, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is certainly a great bang for the buck. Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio has got an extensive collection of audio tracks and over 8000 samples of effects, loops and hits. It’s equipped with three types of editing – notation, piano roll and step. Apart from that, it comes with $1250 worth of plugins which helps you to do some interesting stuff.  The lighter version of Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is the Recording Studio version aimed for the home hobbyists. It has unlimited tracks, 15 virtual instruments, 28 effects and over 8000 loops.

Ampify Groovebox (iOS app)

If you love to make music on your iPad or iPhone, you may fall in love with Ampify Groovebox. Though there are lots of apps like GarageBand, Arturia, Auria etc, the new contender Ampify has taken the game to a whole new level. It’s an all-in-one music maker and the great thing about it is you can get the tune going super quick and easy. It has got tons of patterns to trigger the initial inspiration for you. You can purchase the drums like Trap Overload, Worldwide Hip Hop, Hard Hitter Options, patterns, kits etc at £2 each which is pretty reasonable. Overall, Groovebox is a clean and cheap app and it’s the best fit for anyone who wants to create tunes within no time.

Korg’s Gadget

Korg’s Gadget is a popular name among the Windows DAW users. The good news is it’s now available on the iOS platform. It’s loaded with tracks, simple-to-use synths, drum instruments etc. You can just record the MIDI parts or draw into clips. Its interface is super simple as you can group everything into sections which they call scenes. Korg’s Gadget has got the best set of features which includes London drum-sample player, the Wolfsburg hybrid polyphonic synth, the Chicago bass synth and over 30 instuments in total. In-App purchases include cool slicers and patterns.

Reason 10

Yes, Propellerhead’s Reason is still efficient enough to be a good DAW in 2019. With Reason 10, Propellerhead has managed to create a perfect package of features which we expect in modern DAWs. Firstly, the MIDI tools in Reason 10 are incredible. They just make it super easy for you to create the musical bits easily. Note Echo, Dual  Arpeggio, Scales and Chords are the three MIDI devices in Reason 10. The revere automation feature is another awesome feature that enhances the workflow. Reason 10 runs seamlessly on light computer resources. The Dark and Blue themes are good.

Wrapping up

We hope our list has helped you in choosing the right beat making program. All the above music production programs are unique as they have each got a bunch of exclusive features. For instance, Ableton Live is the perfect beat making software for the professionals and Dr. Drum is the best place to start for the beginners. One thing must be kept in mind – you have to spend some quality time with the software before you create the beats in the way you want.  We recommend you to do download the trial versions of a couple of software and check out the interface and features before making a choice of purchase. Please let us know your favorite beat maker software in the comments.


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