10 Free Funny Faces Apps for Android

Technology is evolving to its greatest feats. Yep, this is the era of technology. Now we have got a solution to every problem we face today. Technology is helping us in significant ways. That too, in the entertainment industry, technology has marked its tremendous presence. One such entertainment utility is funny face apps.

Yup, these use highly complicated machine learning and face recognition models to create funny user faces. It’s predominantly popular across social media applications. With these entertaining face apps, the users can add funny stickers, add attributes like colourful hairstyles, add a crown, beard, bow ties, captions, turbans, change the appearances of facial features, cool sunglasses, funny expressions, etc.

Now we are going to look into ten free funny faces apps for Android. Read through this definitive guide to find some awesome apps to add humour and wit to your pictures. Do try these apps for absolute fun and pun!

Best Funny Faces Apps For Android

Face Changer

Face Changer is a simple fun app, where you can modify the face attributes. You could replace face features with a funny nose, funny eyes, funny expressions, make your hair bald. You could smudge and warp your faces and would make your face look thin or fat; even you can cause ears pointy, and make your avatar smile weirdly. This app is fully packed with features like add text or draw a doodle on top of the photo, and share with your peer groups. This is ultimately easy to use, simple to learn, and share.


Face Warp

Face warp allows you to edit your face live on video that would be of super fun. This would ensure hilarious moments while you are online. It would use a warp filter that could change your face according to your movements, and possibly could make you look entirely funny and different. With this app, you could even make short video clips with ridiculous face warping and share it online.


Face Changer Camera

Face changer camera app would record your changing faces in your selfie videos. Funny Face Changer Camera could modify your facial features as you record a video selfie. It can both record videos or can take a photo with face-changing elements. You can save and share videos & pictures/as you like. It is considered as the best, free selfie face changing camera app with funny face effects and live face filters. Do try it for free now.



Avatars+ is a photo editor app. You could get a vast free collection of avatars. You would get more than 20 free packs with face effects, stickers, and custom features to make a funny photo collection. You can modify your photos with loads of zombie faces, varied animal masks, a whole lot of makeup effects, unusual hairstyles, weird mustache, beard stickers, big eyes, and scary faces, etc.

You can add or delete any bundle whenever you want. You can simply choose your camera shots or any photos from your gallery, apply Avatars+ photo effects, play with masks and effects. Finally enjoy the results by sharing in your social network. 



You could take picture-perfect selfies with the Hollywood meadow filter. You can modify hair color and hairstyle or you can look for the perfect style of your mustache or beard. This app would add a beautiful smile on your face. You could replace the background of your picture with a single tap. Do try the colour filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools in this unique app. You can have fun by swapping genders, you can change your age, apply your desired tattoos, and a lot other mind-blowing changes with this popular app.


Warp My Face

You have to locate a picture in the face frame. Then resize the picture with just dragging. Now you can select the warp tool, tap around on the face of your image, and keep dragging to move around pixels. This is how you can create warps of your face. You can even squeeze and bloat tools and can rotate your pics clockwise and anticlockwise. The app has got responsive and quick manipulation tools that could help you do warping in no time.


Funny Photo Editor

With this app you can create Funny Videos by applying animated stickers. You could simply choose the pictures from your gallery and camera for editing the face parts like funny nose, eyes, hair, and a lot of animated effects. You can also apply the warping option to modify your face to thick or thin. Here, you can apply the text formatting with color, font, and location as titles. It is utterly simple to use and learn the features. This funny app camera is a good option to explore your funny faces.


Face Swap

With this app you could make cheerful face swap videos with your friends nearby and can have fun with online crazy live masks.  Here, you could mask your face, do face swap videos much easier than any other app in the market. All you have to do is just make two faces to recognize by the viewfinder and enjoy the app doing a live face swap on camera in real-time. And what is more interesting is that, this is just the start. You will find a ton of fun to be had with a collection of jovial live masks, zombies, cute animals, cyborgs, and a lot many others.


Face Filters

You can create customized wonderful pictures with the extraordinary selfie camera with filters. You can possibly add unique stickers to your pictures just on the go. Here, you can add sheen to your photos with the remarkable unicorn photo stickers and could have a detailed virtual makeover. You can choose a variety of cat face camera features or can choose a doggy face or a rainbow filter, and add it to the picture with one tap. 


Funny Face Changer

Here, you can change all your facial features, draw attributes, add effects, do face swaps, collaborate with doodles text, and everything. This is an absolute photo editor app with a whole lot of features just everything at no cost. You can enjoy all the fun without paying a single buck.


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