Cutting-Edge HTML5 Website Builder You Need in 2020

If you’re looking for an HTML5 website builder, there are several factors that you’ll need to consider to determine which program would be right for you. With all of the companies out there to choose from, it’s easy to spend countless hours trying to go through the learning curve of complex programs.

This is particularly true for the novice. Not every program is easy to learn and easy to use, while still giving you the quality of results you’d expect. Making a webpage shouldn’t be rocket science- and it doesn’t have to be (even for beginners).

The HTML5 Website Builder of choice for the novice as well as more experienced creators is Mobirise.

What is Mobirise?

If you’re able to read this article, then you’ve already got the experience you need to create a web page through Mobirise. If you can operate a computer well enough to go online, you can easily create your own page.

Mobirise is an HTML5 Website Builder that you download to your device & can create your page anywhere, anytime- whether you have an internet connection or not. Using drag & drop technology, the masterminds behind the scenes have done all of the intricate figuring and thinking for you.

Mobirise exists for the novice that expects top-notch results and does so while remaining absolutely free. Templates for your site, apps, & plug-ins are all at your disposal when creating your page through this program.


There are some outstanding features Mobirise has incorporated into their free website maker.

Drag & Drop Web Page Building

You’ve used drag & drop on countless other programs. Mobirise becomes instantly familiar on the first try, using technology that you already know.

Mobile Friendly

Mobirise has integrated tech such as Google Amp and Bootstrap 4, ensuring that your web page is just as attractive on a phone as it would be on a PC. This makes for better user experience, and also helps you to rank better in the search engines.

Templates and Hundreds of Blocks

When you stick with the free selection, you have the option to choose a template out of a handful, that best suits your needs. Each template comes with a series of customizable blocks, each serving a different purpose.

However, you can go a step further with their “Developer” or “Enterprise” programs, and open up over 75 templates, over 3400 blocks, and 87 extensions.

Mobirise is Free

One of the best features you can find with Mobirise is that it’s free to download the fully functional program, and using it is free. What beats free?

How to Use Mobirise

As stated above, Mobirise is easy to use straight from the gate.

Download the Program

Go to the “Download” screen and select your system (either PC or Mac). Follow the prompts of your system to download the program from there.

Select a Theme

Select one of the themes that are available to you. After making your selection, you can then add what you’d like the site to be named.

Make it Your Own

From here, you can drag & drop new blocks into your site, remove existing blocks, and add text and pics as you replace the placeholder content.

Publish to the Web

When you’ve added your content and are happy with the appearance of your site (preview what it will look like online until you’re satisfied), you can then hit the “Publish” button. Your site will be uploaded to the host that you’ve decided to go with. You can continue to make changes if you desire after an upload. Just re-upload it with the changes & the original page will be overwritten.

And that’s all there is to it as far as the Mobirise program goes. All the rest is up to you.


Aside from the quality of the end result, the speed of the pages, and the ease of use, Mobirise has succeeded in one thing through their HTML5 Website Builder where others have fallen short.

It succeeds to allow you to be as creative as you’d like to be with your content, without having to spend all kinds of time trying to learn how it’s done. The overwhelming majority of the time you spend creating your site should be on your content, rather than trying to figure out how to make it work. Right?

Mobirise is the perfect solution if you’re interested in making small to mid-sized websites. If you’re trying to introduce your company to new potential customers, need a place to show off your portfolio, or are merely looking for a site that would allow you to introduce yourself to the world, Mobirise is there to make it happen.


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