12 Fun Games to Play Over Face Time & WhatsApp

People are often so busy in their lives that it becomes difficult for them to take out time for anything at all. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need a change from their routine life. Especially since the lockdown situation started, people have been cooped up in their own houses and bored to death.

While playing multiplayer games online can be fun, it doesn’t exactly help in bonding with your friends all that well. So, we are here with a list of few games that aren’t only fun but can be easily played on video calls or WhatsApp.

Never have I ever

This is one of the most fun drinking games that people gather together and play. Here, one person says something, and those who have not done that activity, have to drink. This is one of the easiest games to play, even when you are living miles apart from your friend. The beauty of this game is that you get to know something new about your friend that you often share in group meetings. It’s easy, fun, and makes for a memorable evening.

Rock, paper & scissors

Almost everyone has grown up playing this in their school life. It is a hand game wherein the players show up their hands with three different gestures each indicating rock, paper, and scissors wherein rock breaks scissor, scissor cuts paper and paper crushes the rock. The one who has the upper hand wins. It was one of the easiest ways to decide on a few dilemmas as a child and also a great way to pass your time when you are bored. It can be easily played on video calls to make it more enjoyable.

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Read my lips

This is another super fun and easy game/activity of sorts that you can try with your friends over a video call. A person has to say something without making a sound and the other one will have to guess what it is. It also helps in developing lip-reading skills while you are having fun. The one who can identify more words wins.

Truth or dare

This was one of the most loved games in school. Teenagers preferred playing this in their free classes for passing their time along with having fun. Normally a bottle is spined and the person who gets the head of the bottle asks the question to the one who gets the back of it.

However, on video calls, you can simply take turns and they have to choose between truth or dare. If the person chooses truth, he has to answer the question asked truthfully and if he goes with the dare, he has to do whatever task has been assigned to him.

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Dumb charades

Weekends were mostly spent playing dumb charades all night long. It is easy to play. One player enacts a movie name either by describing the actors or a scene without saying a word. His team has to identify whom he is referring to and it goes on in turns. The one who gets the most wins. The players have fun with this game as they

Guess the song

For the ones who like melodious evenings, this could be the perfect game for you. It is as easy as the name suggests. One person will sing a few lines of a song and the other one will have to guess it. It often leads to finishing the whole song that makes this game all the more enjoyable.

What if

We often wonder what we would do if we face a rather precarious situation. Well, this game is all about that. A situation is presented before the players and they have to answer what they would in that situation. There are no winners here but it is a great way to bond over with your friends and family.


These are like brain teasers and a rather good exercise for it. Like the name suggests, one player will say a riddle to the other and that person has to guess its answer at a certain time. If he can’t, he loses the game. It helps in gaining better knowledge about certain topics which can present in front of your friends for playing this game better.

Would you rather

This is one of the games that help in understanding someone better. A person is presented with two different choices and he has to pick one. While there are no winners, it helps in gaining a better understanding of someone and is especially good for new friends and couples who are looking to exploring new things together. It also helps in getting over the boredom people are facing in this era of social distancing by learning interesting facts about each other.

Kiss, marry & kill

This is mostly done with favorite celebrities as examples. The players are given certain names and they have to categorize them into three categories such as kiss, marry, and kill. It can go on for hours without the players getting bores as the list of celebrities is endless and is also super easy to play.

Guess the full form

This is another type of brain exercise game as it requires you to remember the commonly used words or phrases. The phrases are abbreviated and the players have to guess the possible full form at a certain time. It is fun, easy, and enjoyable to play over a video call. The one who guesses the most wins. It can also consist of movie lines or anything that is pre-decided by the players.


This is a rather interesting game for the ones who like to discuss in-depth different topics. The players are given different topics on which they have to speak for a certain period. This is a great way of exchanging views on different topics and learning a bit while having fun.

So, the next time you are bored and want to do something to get out of your old routine, you can just call a friend and try out these games that will help you in having fun and also bonding better with them.

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