5 Key Ways the Internet Has Impacted Education

The internet has been in existence for several years now. Its uses keep changing depending on the technological advancements that come up. For example, people have often been used to the application of 4G technology. That is bound to change as several countries have now rolled out its more efficient 5G version.


The enhancement of efficiency with which people can access the internet has made people change how they do things. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people have to maintain physical and social distance to curb the virus’s spread. Through the internet and Zoom application, people are now holding virtual meetings. Schools have also resorted to the online mode of learning.

People have always been skeptical about internet use. For example, people are worried about the dangers that the internet poses, including identity theft and cyberbullying. A breakdown in internet connectivity also means that most things stall. Therefore, people should use it cautiously.

Students also face some problems with the internet. Parents feel that the internet can prevent their children from focusing on education. Amid all this gloom, are there benefits that students can get from the internet? Here are the things you need to know:

Enhanced Access to Relevant Information

As a college student, you should use that opportunity to learn and grow. In the past, it was hard to obtain the information you needed. For instance, one had to go to the college library to read a book on a given topic. In some cases, you could find that the book was unavailable.

The internet has made things easy for college students. You can find any information you need online. If you need content for your academic paper, you can research it through online resources. Therefore, it becomes easy to complete your academic work.

However, you should be cautious with what you use. Some websites give misleading content on critical academic topics. How do you ensure that the content you have is accurate? Always verify that the website you use for research is credible and reliable.

Facilitates Communication Between Education Stakeholders

As you learn, you intend to become a proficient essay writer. Your performance depends on the efficiency of communication between you, the professors, and your classmates. Where there is a communication breakdown, it is hard to achieve the results you want. 

The internet makes it easy for students, teachers, and parents to communicate to make educational processes more efficient. For instance, instructors can give clarifications on assignments through college social media groups. Parents can receive information on the performance of their children through emails. Students can also consult each other about how to handle academic tasks.

Source of Healthy Entertainment for Students

A college education can be a bit stressful at times. You have different tasks and commitments that you have to attend to. What are the things that may make you overwhelmed in the course of pursuing your college degree? They include:

  • Strict assignment deadlines
  • Financial issues
  • The pressure to register an impressive academic performance 

You need an avenue to release your stress. Some students choose unhealthy behavior such as drug abuse as an escape route. You should be cautious and avoid falling into that trap.

The internet allows you to entertain yourself online. There are thousands of funny videos online that can always make your day. Alternatively, you can download and listen to your favorite songs. However, you should avoid websites with content you do not like.

Keeps Students and Other Stakeholders Updated on Different Issues

Things happen around the globe. For instance, there are conferences where important resolutions are passed. Additionally, you need information on disasters that happen around the world. The conventional sources of news may not give you the information at the right time.

The first place you are likely to get an update on an important event is through the internet. Platforms like BBC and CNN update news online before they announce it on their television channels. However, ensure you get information from trustworthy sources as some sites may mislead you.

Source of Income for Students

Students have financial responsibilities. They have to pay tuition fees, purchase food and accommodation. Unfortunately, most of them do not have a stable income source.

You can use the internet to earn money. The avenues you can take advantage of include blogging, digital marketing, and other freelance tasks.

The Bottom Line

You should never underestimate the internet as a college student. It has a lot to offer. It facilitates communication, makes access to information easy, is a source of entertainment, and provides important news updates. Additionally, it is a platform where you can earn as you study.


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