10 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars Online

Tektek is a tool that anime enthusiasts use to create anime, cartoon, or avatar with its Gaia avatar maker. You can make avatars online and customizing it according to their preferences. It doesn’t ask you to download anything like all of it is done online.

However, it is not available on the internet now and people need good alternatives to this tool. So, we have listed some of the best alternatives to tektek in this article that you can still use and make some amazing avatars for yourself.

1. DoppelMe

best alternatives for TekTek

This has been touted as the best alternative to tektek among the rest of the tools listed in this article. It has several features such as the selection of your skin color, gender, expression, hair, eyewear, tops, shoes, etc., that help you in making avatars/characters that look like you so that you can use them on different social media or your blog as your gravatar. The best part is you don’t have to download anything for this.

2. Cartoonify

tektek alternative

This does exactly what the name suggests. You can easily turn your original photo into a cartoon version of yourself by using this tool online. There are some things that you might have to select just like gender, the shape of your face, eyes, nose, ears, skin tone, etc. There is no need to create an account for creating cartoon, it can be done without any formalities.

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3. Face Your Manga

best tektek alternative

This is a brilliant portrait illustration maker to help you in creating high-resolution characters of yourself. Not only that, but you can also print these characters in the same resolution. So, it is cartooning yourself. Apart from being a website, it also has an app for both Android as well as iPhone users. It is not free of cost but helps in creating the perfect bitmoji of the avatar that you have created.

4. Recolor. me

 best alternatives for TekTek

This tool was made by the creator tektek. It is like Gaia online which includes additional features like a mini-game. You can not only create your dream avatar but also participate in avatar contests where if you win, you can get a prize pool based on the bits you earn while playing or posting on the forms.

5. Hero Machine

substitutes of Tektek

For the warriors out there, this is a great tool to make a warrior avatar of yourself. You can add every single detail to your warrior/hero avatar to make the best out of your dream avatar and make it as realistic as possible. There is also an app available for this that has four versions. Out of that, two work online, and the other two have to be downloaded and are paid ones. If you are too much into superhero avatars, paid ones are the best choice for that.

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6. Neopets


This app is known as tektek for kids. It has a kiddish user interface to make it kid-friendly so that they can easily make their avatars and submit them. It also allows them to participate in various contests such as coincidence events, snow roller, goparokko, and spooky food eating contests. If they win, they get points which they can show-off on the website. It is updated with new things daily for its users. There is no coding involved either. The users just have to copy the source code of their favorite character from neoboard preferences and paste it on Neopets avatars checklist page.

7. Doll divine


For bringing our imaginative characters to life, doll divine is a great alternative to tektek. You can create a princess or a witch look, whatever you prefer. It also allows you to create dragons and harry potter characters. The users can use 180 characters of dolls and edit them. The dresses are based on ancient dresses, so they appear elegant and look aesthetic.

8. Gaia Avatar maker


Gaia avatar allows the users to customize their avatar as per their preferences. You can also add cars, houses, aquariums, and towns to your artwork. This is one of the best features of this avatar maker. There are thousands of dresses available that you can use on the character that you can use for your characters. The users can play multiplayer games and meet up with their online friends.

9. BeFunky


This is quite a modern version of many avatar makers listed here. You can select photos of your own and edit them with the help of different tools available on the site. There are also many effects that you can use. It is also a great website for making collages if you want to make some. Overall, this is a great website for creating funky avatars of your pictures.

10. Portrait Illustration maker


You can easily make a portrait of yourself with the help of his self-portrait maker/cartoon avatar maker. It can be used for both professional as well as personal needs. If you aren’t satisfied with the portraits available online, you can always request something that you’ll like. The best part about this avatar maker is that it is available in 5 languages, so it is not limited to a certain population only.


These were a few of the best tektek alternatives available in today’s time. Try them out and let us know which one you like the best and prefer over others.

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