15 Best Photo Overlay Apps to Add Layers to Photos

Ever since the camera quality of mobile phones has increased, people’s obsession with clicking the perfect picture too has risen. Social medial is mostly flooded with amazing photography skills which previously could only be achieved with the help of professional photographers, photo editing apps, and equipment.

But now, a lot of phones have cameras that help not only with a good picture but also in editing it to perfection that it looks like a photoshoot. Photo overlay apps have become quite the need of the time.

While there are many apps available, we have shortlisted the best ones out there and have curated a list for you below:

Photo blender

 Best Photo Overlay Apps

This app has everything that you need for editing your image. With photo blender, has made it easy to blend pictures, overlay photos, and also enhance the quality of the image. There are various effects available in here too that the user can use to make his photo more scenic.


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Photo lab photo editor

app to put a picture on top of another picture

This app editor has various emojis and blur effects that you can use on your photo to make it look one of a kind. Also, with various frames, stickers, and other filters this app is in line with the latest demands of the people who like to add the effects that are trending at the moment.



overlay images with transparency

Textures give a different look to pictures. This app has over 150 different textures that make the overall editing a lot of fun. It all happens with ease and quite fast, so you don’t have to wait up for having your photo edited with perfection.


Overlay Android

Overlay App for Android

The people who love doodling will love working on this app. This fuels the creativity of the users as it allows them to doodle according to their imagination. It is one of the best overlay apps available for android users.




This app helps in the seamless blending of two images to create one amazing picture. The final image looks unedited and real. It contains powerful editing tools such as exposure adjustment, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. Even when these effects are applied, the image looks raw.


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Superimpose X


This is a powerful photo editor and also one of the most loved photo editing apps among users. It has a huge range of editing effects and capabilities such as multiple layers, blending modes, masking, adjustments, brushes, clarity to casting shadows, etc., that makes editing a lot of fun. Also, this app has made it easy to overlay photos with its easy multiple backgrounds erasing features.



Best Overlay App for Android

As the name suggests, this app is a photo editing app that helps in blending two images with blend effect and shape overlay. It helps in enhancing the beauty and quality of the original picture when blended. It is easy to use and one can create scenic and beautiful pictures with this app.


StoryZ Photo

Best Overlay App for iPhone

If you need your pictures looking artistic and highly professional, this is the app you should go for your blending needs. It is suitable for all types of photo editors and does the work with such ease and finesse that the pictures look blended professionally. It is available on the play store as well as the app store.

Download (Android|iOS)

Snap speed


This app allows a double exposure feature to the users so that they can edit as per their need. The users can control opacity and transparency with ease so that when merging two pictures, the final product comes out beautiful and perfect. It is suitable for beginners as well as professional photo editors.

Download (Android|iOS)


Best Overlay App for iOS

This app has an auto fixing feature that sets the tone of the picture right as needed. In addition to this, there are various filters, color splashes, and overlays too that help the user in editing his picture the best way he knows. It is available for free on android, so its users should make use of this user-friendly photo overlaying app.

Download (Android|iOS)

Photo overlays

This is a great photo blending app. Apart from doing the blending with ease, this app also offers various effects, frames, stickers, and texts that the user can add as per their convenience. It is most suitable for Android users, but it is available on the app store too.

Download (Android|iOS)

Ultimate photo blender mixer

This is one of the best apps to create a mixed picture by blending two or more images. It helps the user in bringing forth their creative size as, along with the easy blending, it has various effects available that the user can use in the picture to make it look professional and real.

Download (Android|iOS)


This is another user-friendly app that is quite common among people who are just beginners at editing. It has easy to use effects and other features such as adjusting the image’s sharpness, size, etc., as needed. It is available on iOS as well as android devices.


Adobe photoshop express

This is one of the most advanced photo editing apps to exist. It has various editing tools and filters such as a cop, straighten, rotate, flip, red-eye removal, noise reduction, and mix feature that helps in seamlessly blending the images with ease. This is also a great app to start working as an editor.

Download (Android|iOS)

Camera +

This app has various scene modes such as food, sunset, night, portrait, etc., that you can set your picture to. It makes proper adjustments in low light situations to give the picture a better look. It helps you in making the best of photo editing with ease and works best in iOS.



Photo editing apps have made it easy for budding editors to get them started on their phones. It is a great way to learn editing skills with ease and also without any help from a professional person. These apps work well on phones, so you don’t have to sit with your laptop or computer to get started. Download the one that suits your need the best and get going!

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