10 Best Anime Dating Apps for Anime Lovers

Meeting someone who shares the same passion is something we all look forward to. We like being with people with whom we share interests and opinions with. All anime fans are crazy about their favorite shows, so it’s obvious that when they are looking to date someone, they would want someone who likes anime the same.

It would have been hard before, but now there are apps especially for anime lovers. You can find fellow fans here, match, and go on dates with them. While there are many anime dating apps available, we have listed the best ones out there:

1. Anime Match 

anime dating apps

This is a fan-made website. The people who brought this into life want anime lovers to find their true soulmate in the form of fellow fans. The website is free of cost to sign up for getting started. It is easy to use and understand. Once you have made the account, you’ll be able to find people who love anime, match with them and see how things unfold between you guys.


2. MaiOtaku

Best anime dating apps

This is one of the biggest anime fan communities. The singles can find friends, dates, relationships, basically, anything they want. The website is free of cost. You can easily make your profile, add pictures and find compatible matches.

There are several forums for different shows where you can discuss shows, send them messages, and meet people easily. It is an amazing website to meet like-minded anime fans from across the globe.


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3. Match Anime dating

Match Anime dating

This isn’t especially for anime lovers but has several filters that will help the users in filtering out the people who match their interests. This app has a huge user database of different ages and operates in over 25 countries.

The users interested have to complete a big questionnaire and wait for 24 hours to get approved. It has both free as well as paid members, where the latter provides better features and functions. This app has an amazing search algorithm that helps you find a good match.


4. eHarmony dating

Anime dating games

This is another dating app that isn’t only specific to anime users but has a huge user base, so you can easily filter out the ones with whom you have a common interest. More than 20 million users are registered on this website and its wide-ranging algorithm makes it easy to find the right match.

There are three types of membership that you can opt for on this website. The free one, three-month membership for $58, and the one-month membership for $27. There are many questions that the users have to answer while registering but these are only made to help you find the perfect match.


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5. SoulGeek dating

Anime Dating Apps & Sites for Anime Singles

If you are a geek about something such as anime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc, this is the perfect dating website for you. The users can easily create a profile and scan the members by zip code. If someone matches the criteria required by you, they send out a weekly email informing you of the same.

There are several categories such as gameplay, not-so-geeky, sorta geeky, etc., to choose from. You can also upload and share music, videos, etc., and match with someone who has a shared interest.


6. Coffee meets Bagel Anime Dating App

online anime dating apps

Mostly popular among single ladies, this app provides you with amazing matches without swiping. The women have to first approve the matches they get so that no one can send them creepy or unsolicited messages. This way, you can focus on the people you have matched with instead of swiping continuously.

This website’s algorithm sends 21 matches to men and five to women which are based on interest, age, and various such factors. You can go for free or premium membership depending upon your need.


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7. Otaku Singles Anime Dating 

Otaku Singles Anime Dating 

This is an anime dating app made for anime lovers across the globe. People match with like-minded fellow anime fans and see how things go from there. It has both free as well as paid membership, depending upon the service you wish to use.

The best part about this app is that it has top-notch security, so hackers or spammers can’t get access to you. It is also a part of online connections dating network, so your profile will be visible on anime datings websites without extra charge. This opens the opportunity to meet more like-minded people.


8. Kwink Anime Dating 

Kwink Anime Dating 

There are several communities in this app and not just anime. However, it has a huge user database that is divided based on the different communities they are a part of. These communities cater to different interests, so you can match them depending on your area of liking. However, the anime community is quite famous here, so anime fans will most likely meet like-minded people.

This dating tool is fast and free of cost to the users. You can easily be yourself, choose your area of interest, and start talking to people. It is fun and has been successful for many people.


9. Kosu

Anime Dating Websites

This website is fairly new and specially made for geeks out there and not just people interested in dating anime lovers. These geeky habits include being into video games, cosplays, animes, etc.

This website has customized avatars, discussion groups and also allows unlimited messaging so that if you find someone interesting enough here, you can text them and chat with them for free.



These were a few of the best dating sites that we stumbled upon for anime lovers. While many of these aren’t anime-specific, they do have categories that can be helpful. We hope these websites help you in meeting your perfect match as there are many like-minded people that you will come across through them.

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