10 Best Mileage Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are working as a cab driver or use your vehicle, it is important to keep a check on your mileage. This information helps in knowing the amount you are spending and will further help you while you are filing income tax, in case you qualify for any deductions.

It is a busy life and therefore can be tough sometimes to keep a check on the mileage when we have other things in mind. So, in this article, we will discuss the 10 best mileage tracking apps that you can use:

1. Everlance

free mileage tracking apps

This is a versatile mileage tracking app that also helps you in keeping track of your other expenses with ease. The app easily detects the movement of your car and records the miles. You can also categorize each trip separately like work-related, personal, etc. Not only that, you can even set work hours so the app will automatically record those driving hours as your work hours.

There are three pricing policies you can choose from – basic, premium and premium+. You can choose as per your convenience and affordability.


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2. Stride

mileage tracking apps for android

This app always runs in the background and automatically tracks the miles you are driving with ease. After tracking, it generates an IRS-ready report that will help you a great deal while you are doing your taxes. It is easy to use and understand and is commonly used by small businesses.


3. TripLog

mileage tracking apps for iphone

Just like the name suggests, this app keeps a log of the miles you have driven throughout the day. There are three pricing policies that you can choose from Lite, premium, and premium + time.

In the lite policy, the users can manually track 40 trips per month for free. Premium users will have to pay $5 a month or $60 annually and it also helps in tracking additional expenses. The best one is the premium + time policy that charges more but has better features too such as time tracker, timesheet, etc.


4. Hurdlr

Fuel mileage calculator

If you want one in all app for all your expenses, hurdlr is the best choice. It helps in keeping proper track of mileage, expenses, income and tax deductions too. The users can select a plan of their liking from the three available: free, premium, and pro.

The free version allows users to track their mileage, income and expenses without any limit. Premium members have to pay nominal fee and they will be able to track all their expenses as well as get calculations for different taxes they have to pay. Pro users have to pay more than premium ones as they get additional services like annual tax filing, invoicing, accounting, etc.


5. MileIQ

mileage tracking apps

This is another great mileage tracker app that allows tracking 40 trips in a month. If you want to go for unlimited one, you can opt for two different plans offered by this app. One is for people who drive occasionally and is the basic one while other plan is for frequent drivers.

This app automatically logs the miles you have driven, so you don’t have to calculate it yourself. It also allows users to classify those trips as personal, office or anything else they wish. It is easy to use and understand too.


6. Mileage Expense Log

Mileage Expense Log

Available only for apple users, this app wil track and log your drives all long as you keep your phone’s GPS on. You can also sort the data on this app by date, which will give you a better idea of your mileage on different days.

It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It is used by many Apple users for its features and also supports the apple watch.


7. SherpaShare

mileage calculator apps

This app is specially made for businesses in keeping a check on their mileage. Cab drivers will find it extremely helpful has it has several tools that help them in calculating their profit margins, optimal routes, and even scans receipts automatically.

However, if you are looking for a tax solution then this isn’t the app for you. It keeps proper track of mileage and related expenses and helps the users in knowing about their profit and income.


8. Zoho expense

Zoho expense

This app is all you need if you want to keep proper track of all your expenses. The receipts are easily auto-scanned in this app and everything can be logged without issues.

This app works well with other applications such as QuickBooks online, slack, office 365, G Suite, so you can export your data here with ease. It is easy to use and helps a great deal in keeping track of one’s income and expenses.


9. Fyle


This isn’t a mileage tracking app, rather helps in keeping track of all your expenses in real-time. You don’t have to worry about recording it by yourself, this app will do that for you. This is usually used by businesses. Employees can easily keep track of the receipts they have to reimburse.

The users are also notified in case they have done any policy violation related to expenses and reimbursements. It is a great way of tracking your expenditure.


10. Vehicle log

Vehicle mileage tracking apps

This is a convenient app for business houses especially that helps them in keeping track of vehicle costs with ease. It is most suitable for those who repeat trips and helps in making accurate calculations.

It easily tracks mileage, fuel, service, expenses and is also a great app for customer billing, tax deductions, and other reimbursements that you want to apply for. It notifies you whenever any reimbursement has been made. The app has a user-friendly interface for easy understanding.



These were few Mileage tracking apps that you can use to keep a check on your expenses. It is important to track them as you can sometimes overspend without meaning to do so. These apps help a great deal by removing the headache of manually tracking all of your expenses.

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