What to Do When Malware Strikes Your Website?

Website security is no joke. We have all seen at least one article that wrote how some companies lost their website due to issues with website security. The most recent case was the music Youtuber Stevie T. His YouTube account was hacked by a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance, and he almost lost his channel that had nearly two and a half million subscribers.

That is why we are talking about website security today. We cannot stress enough how important it is and how small things, such as an old WordPress version, a bad plugin, or a theme, could jeopardize your entire website, as it will be an easier target to more severe issues and hacks.

But there is a solution for this issue, and it is so simple. This is going to be your savior, as it can locate the corrupted file for you in no time, delete it, and reinstall all the core files. 

Emergency Recovery Script is a WordPress-independent, standalone PHP script that will allow you to do just that. ERS is specifically designed for situations like this, and the sole purpose is to recover your website in the most challenging conditions, whether it’s malware in WordPress, core files missing, white screen of death, or something similar. Further, we will talk about some tools that ERS offers that will help you recover your site, no matter what the problem is. 

WordPress Emergency Recovery Script 

Emergency Recovery Script tools:

Delete or Reset .htaccess: this tool is used for deleting or resetting the .htaccess file if you made a mistake in the process of modifying it, as it will allow you to change the code back to its original state through the Emergency Recovery Script. 

Reset WordPress: this tool will completely reset the WP database, while all of the themes, plugins, and files will remain untouched. Only the user accounts will be deleted, and you will have to create a new admin account to enter your website again. 

Create Admin Account: this tool is one of the easiest ways to gain back access to your website. Used in cases if you get hacked or if a third-party plugin has locked you out of your website due to bad coding, and it will allow you to create a new admin account, even if you are locked out of the website. 

Disable WordPress Maintenance Mode: if the maintenance message still shows after it is done, this tool is made to help you in the process to find the file created in the root folder during the maintenance, which made everyone see a little message notifying them about it.

WordPress URLs: if you change your URL or make a typo in the process, you will most likely lose access to your website, and this tool will gain the access back. Because WordPress points to the location where the core files are installed, and the Site address is the URL that leads to your website, they need to be the same.

If they are not, you will lose all access. If switching your online location is on your to-do lists as well, you might consider using a redirection WordPress plugin as well.

Activate and Deactivate Plugins and Themes: plugins and themes have a lot of additional code, affecting the system positively or negatively. Sometimes, plugins and themes that are poorly coded could make your website stop working.

And, now you have to deactivate each plugin separately to find the plugin that made your website stop working. You can use the Emergency Recovery Script to do so. You can also activate and deactivate all of them all at once, as well. 

Core Files: Core Files are the tools that you need to power up the website’s system. They are made of PHP files and other source files that will allow WordPress to function correctly. The Core Files tool will tell you precisely if there are any files in the core folder that shouldn’t be there.

It will also make a comparison between all well-known core files and the master copy, and if one of the files was changed in any way due to malware or a hack, you will instantly get notified. 

WordPress Core Files

Reset user privileges and roles: If you did something to the database prefix, this is the tool that will fix your mistake. It will reset the user roles on the website to ensure that everything is named correctly and that the settings for user roles are correct. 


There is one more tool we need to talk about today, and that is the Snapshots tool that comes with the WP Reset plugin. This tool might be the most important one of them all because this tool will take snapshots of the website while it was okay, store them, and give you a point in time you can go back to if you run into any problems.

This tool is the most versatile one of them all because it can take on all of the issues that you can face and fix them just by restoring the site to a point where everything was okay, giving you enough time to find the root of the problem with other ERS tools.

Even the worst things can be solved with the Snapshots tool, like the white screen of death, a faulty plugin/theme, or even missing core files that you need for the website to run correctly. 

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Malware and hacks are taboo topics when talking about websites. But security is something that needs to be taken seriously. If you do not take it seriously, your website could have many problems because of it, especially if the website becomes popular.

It’s a real time saver as well, so just when you thought that you’ll spend hours fixing an issue, a few clicks with the emergency recovery script have enabled you to proceed with content creation, making a sticky menu, optimizing your content for search engines, or anything else that may be in your schedule. Hacks are never random, they are always thought out, and they know precisely who to attach and how.

To prevent losing your website, take a look at the Emergency Recovery Script, as it could be the life raft that your website needs. With so many different ways to block, avoid, and, if needed, restore your website to its previous state, it is truly something that is necessary for your website. All those things are real threats, and you need to take them seriously before it is too late. 


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