9 Mobile Games That Help You Learn New Language

Language learning has been around since the dawn of travel and migrations. However, this first immersive method is not easy to replicate today because not many people have the luxury of time and money to afford to travel for a year or two just to learn a language.

You may soon turn to an online course and 1-on-1 online lessons, only to find out that what you can learn in school is limited, to say the best. However, there are ways to make language learning easier and funnier and achieve better results quickly. 


FluentU takes a multimedia approach to language learning. It presents you with several videos that resemble real-life situations. It teaches you LANGUAGE rather than GRAMMAR and does so in an intuitive way. 


Lingbe is a unique service on the market because it provides you with a language learning partner who speaks your target language. It moves one step further from FluentU by providing you not only with a natural setting in which to learn a foreign language.

This approach is best combined with text translation services, where you can see how the two languages differ. It also provides you with a study buddy to make the language learning process communicative. 


HiNative connects you to people speaking your target language as their native language. You can contact people speaking over 100 languages and send audio recordings, video recordings, and photos to be checked by these native speakers. This is a great way to get feedback on your language skills and the progress you are making. 

Papagei Language Learning

The Papagei app assesses your language level at the very beginning to make sure you are given the right curriculum. The app boasts over 10,000 language learning videos, which will keep you busy for months. One big plus of the Papagei app is its interactive coach, which teaches you pronunciation. 

Cram.com Flashcards

Cram.com has been around for a while. It gives you flashcards to choose from and is great for vocabulary expansion. If you are a professional translator, you may learn more about translation courses and use the Cram.com app to learn more vocabulary in a specific niche.

Learn 50 Languages

If you are a total beginner looking to prepare for an actual language course, then look no further. 50 Languages provides a hundred basic, situational lessons in over 50 languages. All games are localized, and if you would like to learn more about how games are localized today, make sure to read the article.    


ZikTalk connects you with speakers of your target language and lets you chat with them, have audio and video calls. The three options it offers are great for any language level and even for really shy students.


LangJet is a free app that lets you fly a plane through clouds of translation. The trick is to avoid all the wrong translations. In each of these mini-games, you will learn up to 50 new words. 

World Language Learner 

World Language Learner is a great companion app, offering you opportunities to learn up to 1000 words in many languages. Vocabulary is important, and many apps today focus primarily on communication and grammar. These are important, but having proper terminology is important as well: it lets you communicate clearly and coherently. 

Final Remarks 

With millions of language learners out there, finding one and unique way to learn a new language for all of them can be burdensome. The best practice is to try it for yourself. While some students prefer books and literary works, others thrive with short informative videos and a chance to speak to a native speaker. Explore your options and see what works the best for you. 



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