10 Best SketchUp Alternatives for Android Phones

SketchUp is one of the best solutions out there to make 3D models and can export projects in formats that work with other leading 3D modeling software. This has made it a great alternative to more powerful renderers for projects on a smaller scale.

In case you’ve ever wanted to experience the portability and great features of SketchUp on your Android smartphone, then you’d be glad to know that there are quite a few of them out there. To help you in making the right choice, we have scoured the internet and created a list of the best SketchUp Alternatives for Android Phones to try.

10 Best SketchUp Alternatives for Android Phones



Spacedraw offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution to create basic and advanced 3D models on your smartphone. Some of the features of Spacedraw are unique and novel, like the usage of motion sensors on your Android phone for 3D modeling.

Most of the features that SketchUp provides are available on this app and can be used to create great 3D models on the go. The app also allows you to do complex texture work that other apps don’t have. With the free version, you can export and save up to 1000 vertices without access to history features.

Get it here: Spacedraw

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Prisma 3D offers 3D modeling, animations, and rendering in a simple and easy-to-use Android app. You get state-of-the-art features like mesh modeling, object animations, object texturing, options to export to Maya, Blender, Cinema4D, and more.

Apart from being a worthy replacement to SketchUp for Android devices, this app also offers additional functionality that cannot be found anywhere else. The app also supports VR and CAD modeling in an easy-to-navigate 3D viewport. You can easily download this app for free.

Get it here: Prisma3D


scorch cad

This is a great alternative to SketchUp for building CAD designs on any Android phone or tablet. ScorchCAD supports both 2D and 3D shapes and offers various types of transformations.

It also completely supports OpenSCAD code and the various mathematical and boolean operations associated with it. You can also import DXF and STL files to this app seamlessly. The app is completely free to use and downloadable from the Play Store.

Get it here: ScorchCAD

EDS 3D Modeling Tool

eds 3d modelling

Another 3D object designer that supports OBJ, STL, and GOL formats is EDS 3D Modeling Tool. Apart from the basic transformations, you also get full support for keyframe animations. You also get a complete renderer for your projects with support for ray tracing.

There are also several options available for texturing your models, including normal mapping and UV mapping. You can use morph target animations while working with GOL formats. This app is also completely free and a great alternative to SketchUp for Android.

Get it here: EDS 3D Modeling Tool

Sketch 3D Free

sketch 3d free

In case you’re looking for a more simple and easy-to-use alternative to SketchUp, then Sketch 3D would be a great choice. This app supports even old hardware unlike some others on this list.

The UI is presented in a simple manner with a 3D viewport where you can create your shapes and models. This app is not as feature-rich as some of the other options on this list and does not offer rendering or animations. But, it is completely free to use and supports all Android devices.

Get it here: Sketch 3D Free

Nomad Sculpt


Nomad Sculpt is a great replacement for SketchUp in case your main use case of the tool is to sculpt models. This app is very feature-rich, and there are several sculpting tools that you can use to flatten, smoothen, mask, and more.

Also, you can customize each stroke to create very detailed sculptures. There is support for multiresolution sculpting, voxel remeshing, layering, and primitive shapes. Apart from these, you can also render your creations with complete support for PBR rendering.

Get it here: Nomad Sculpt


sdf 3d

Subdivformer or SDF 3D is a great alternative to SketchUp as it provides most of the creative modeling and architecture capabilities of the app on your Android devices. You get access to a standard list of tools, and options to export your projects in high resolutions.

You can export the models easily for a 3D printer in STL formats, and the app offers exporting projects in OBJ and 3DS formats when you get the premium subscription. All the basic features of this app are available for free.

Get it here: SDF 3D

Makers Empire 3D

makers empire

In case you’re just getting started with 3D modeling, and are looking for a great SketchUp alternative, then Makers Empire 3D would impress you. There are a lot of simple-to-use features that you can get started with for 3D modeling, and use the videos available in a ‘Traning lab’ to learn how to to use them.

You can create anything you can imagine using the included 3D tools, and share them with a community of 1.9 million users on the app. The hardware requirements for this app are quite low, and it runs on even older Android devices. Also, the app is completely free to use.

Get it here: Makers Empire 3D

Etoolbox Mobile CAD


Etoolbox is a great mobile CAD application and offers support for DWG, DXF, and DWF files. You get support for complete 2D and 3D CMS software tools. The DWG files can be either stored on your device or cloud-based folder offered by the app.

There are 6 preset axis views that you can access directly and 4 preset isometric views. Overall, it is a great app to access CAD drawings and edit them on the go. These features make it a great alternative to SketchUp.

Get it here: Etoolbox Mobile CAD 

Onshape 3D CAD


Another mechanical CAD platform replacement for SketchUp on Android is Onshape. If you were planning on using parametric CAD, then this app offers all the tools needed to do so. Also, the models can be designed together and this allows you to create mechanical assemblies for complex motion.

You can also collaborate the CAD data with other teams and customize permissions for each party. Any changes made can be accessed in real-time, and the projects can be carried over various devices without any loss in data. This app is also completely free to use.

Get it here: Onshape 3D CAD

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