10 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2021

As you may already know, WhatsApp is one of the most functional and popular texting apps. The features offered by this chatting app and the easy-to-use layout are just some of the reasons why this app has over 2 billion users all over the world.

But, have you ever found the blue ticks that show up when a message is read or some of the in-built ‘privacy’ features to be not up to the mark? This is where WhatsApp mods come in. You can use these applications that have several changes to the core components of the app and change various privacy and UI toggles to make your WhatsApp experience unique.

In this article, we have listed some of the best options for modded WhatsApp clients for Android devices. Note that there are very few, if any, Whatsapp mods for iOS devices that offer the same functionality as their Android counterparts.

Top 10 WhatsApp Mods in 2021



Regarded by many as being one of the best WhatsApp mods out there, GBWhatsApp brings many new features and previously missing privacy options. Some of the prominent features include sending images with less compression than usual, disregarding file size limits, various parts of UI that can be customized by the user, and much more.

You can also choose to keep the permanently deleted messages sent to you by various chats and groups. The stories on WhatsApp can also be viewed without notifying the poster that you have seen it. There are many other similar privacy features that can be set individually for different chats and groups.

Get it here: GBWhatsApp



This is another great alternative to GBWhatsApp in case you need more UI customization and other unique features not found in other mods. The app comes with an iPhone theme by default and generally looks much better than the generic WhatsApp UI.

Some of the other features include built-in locking before WhatsApp introduced the native locking function. Also, there are additional protections and spoofing in this app so that the mod cannot be detected by WhatsApp servers and thus this app can be used without any worries of a ban.

Get it here: YoWhatsApp


fm whatsapp

FMWhatsApp is perhaps the most comprehensive WhatsApp mod when it comes to various features it offers. It also gets frequently updated whenever a new base version of WhatsApp comes out.

The customization options are so thorough that you can tweak even the color of individual bubbles on your chats and groups. There is also support for status videos up to 5 minutes in length. You get access to various privacy features and different emoji styles to try out.

Get it here: FMWhatsApp


og whatsapp

One of the older and more trusted options for WhatsApp mods would be OGWhatsApp. This mod allows you to manage two WhatsApp accounts on a single device. There are also various different components of the app that you can customize.

Options to remove limitations on video and file size are also present in this app. The app also comes with a different app signature than the default WhatsApp app to prevent bans. It is still updated and you can find versions that are compatible with your device.

Get it here: OGWhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus

whatsapp plus

Another well-known mod that offers some of the best features is WhatsApp plus. This app offers most of the features found on the other apps in this list, along with a unique UI and “no-ban” features.

There are also pre-built themes that you can get directly from the app, and also set up your privacy options to hide or show blue ticks once messages have been read. The anti-ban features on this specific mod are also quite good.

Get it here: WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Go

whatsapp go

WhatsApp Go comes with some great privacy-oriented features that you can enable for your chats and groups. You can easily hide views and double ticks on receiving messages. Also, if a user deletes a message, this modded WhatsApp client can keep the original messages.

Also, there are various toggles that allow you to send files with sizes that are way over the default limits. You get a “Do not disturb” toggle that allows your WhatsApp contact to see that you’re offline even when you have an active internet connection.

Get it here: WhatsApp Go

WhatsApp Aero

whatsapp aero

If customization isn’t your main priority and you’re on the lookout for a WhatsApp mod with a great theme, then WhatsApp Aero is a great option. There are many features to customize emojis, fonts, and other aspects of the app.

You can also use this app without any worries of a ban as there are several anti-ban measures built-in. Also, there are custom home widgets that you can use on your Android home screen to get a much better experience than with the default WhatsApp messenger.

Get it here: WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Prime

whatsapp prime

In case you want a similar app experience to the stock WhatsApp Messenger, then WhatsApp Prime is a great option to consider. The developers of this mod have often touted it to be a better version of the default app.

You can find all the several different features found in other apps on WhatsApp prime. There are also some unique features like directly downloading photos and videos from stories. The media sent and received on this app can also be hidden directly from it.

Get it here: WhatsApp Prime



Similar to some of the other options on this list, YCWhatsApp is one of the newer WhatsApp mods that you can try out. It features all the usual toggles and options found in other WhatsApp mods, including some great privacy features.

This app also comes at a smaller size as compared to other options. The download features included should be enough to download both status videos and pictures efficiently.

Get it here: YCWhatsApp

Ze WhatsApp


With Ze WhatsApp you get a comprehensive WhatsApp mod that offers various themes and privacy toggles to get more control over your chats and group activities. Apart from all the basic features, you also get access to downloadable themes, automatic replies, and uploading status up to 250 characters in length.

The extra features and functions also allow you to hide your views and read messages. This app also recognizes the links in any status and automatically highlights it for the user’s convenience.

Get it here: Ze WhatsApp


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