How to Pick Your Main LoL Champion?

With Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends (LoL), the champions you choose during the contest itself are very important. LoL isn’t the only game in town, as it were, but it leads the MOBA board right now, and the same principles that apply for choosing a champion with LoL apply elsewhere.

A skilled player should be able to make the worst possible “champion” win the game overall. What life teaches you as time goes by is that the way things should be, and the way they are, isn’t the same.

Sometimes the champion with the best stats in the world is easy to beat. Sometimes the hardest champion in the game is best for your individual tastes. There are a lot of factors to consider. Following, we’ll look at three indicators that should help you make the best choice of champion in LoL. These principles also extend to other MOBA games.

League of legends

1. The Champion You Like Best

Virtually all “champions” in all MOBA games will have some advantage over other options a player could choose. It’s the same with any multiplayer game that features some sort of contest. One player may not have the best strength or defense, but said player has a killer attack that works every time, so that makes up for their failings elsewhere.

Accordingly, you want to go with a champion that you don’t have a lot of trouble playing with. Think of it like a racing game. Sometimes the player in the slow pickup keeps winning the race. Why? Well, he knows how to use that particular car to get around corners more efficiently than those in the fancy cars, so he makes it across the finish line faster.

Certain LoL champions have minor advantages and serious disadvantages; but when used correctly, these players can still win. So as you’re choosing your champion, find one that “clicks” with you, as it were. There are other considerations, but this is a big one. If you naturally work well with a given character, that will give you an edge in any arena.

2. Going by the Numbers

Something else to think about are associated stats. Here’s the thing: if you’ve got a character who has perfect stats, that may not mean they’re your winning champion. Sometimes the controls for that particular champion are especially sensitive because the champion is designed for players who understand the game backward, and know just how to play.

So statistics are a big part of the game, but they’re not the only one. Still, they’re worth considering. To help round out your choice, here’s a link to MOBA Champion’s LoL stats. This information should help inform your choice of a champion, just keep in mind: you want to play with the character first to assure, despite stats, that you can use them as intended.

3. Weighing Popular Options

Finally, which champions are popular, and why? Look into what other players are doing, and figure out what particular aspects of a given character prompt them to use that character primarily.

Sometimes they just like the look of the character, rather than the character’s ability to play the game. Popular options can help direct your choice, but rarely (if ever) is popularity the only feature to consider.

Making the Best Choice

Regardless of stats or popularity, the champion you resonate with best as a player tends to be the best choice. That said, seeing what’s popular, and exploring statistics which define each character, represent additional means of determining your best champion.

Gaming is about fun. But with today’s MOBA games, a true eSport has developed that can prove lucrative in a career sense. Your fun could be a career. So you want to know how to choose the best possible player for any MOBA outing; be it LoL or not. Hopefully, these tips help inform your choices.


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