12 Best Self-Improvement Apps to Try

Self-improvement is a journey that lasts a lifetime. It’s a process that involves becoming conscious of oneself, learning new skills, and accepting a role in addressing demands at whichever level they arise. Making time to fulfill these demands, however, may be difficult. This should not make you depressed, but rather thrilled about the possibilities.

While apps cannot replace personalized, one-on-one support, they may be beneficial. These applications might help you remember to look for yourself to feel better and become your best self.

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Aloe Bud

Aloe Bud is a simple approach to ensure that you’re taking good care of yourself on a daily basis. The app provides gentle pushes throughout the day to remind you to stay hydrated, eat on time, reach out to friends, and so much more. Aloe Bud also motivates you to rejoice in even minor successes rather than making you feel bad if you aren’t performing well.

Insight Timer

Most of us are aware of meditation’s physical and mental well-being advantages. Meditation is a practice that every one of us may benefit from as it allows us to be silent, calm, and acquire some space from our minds.

Insight Timer is an app containing over 45,000 meditation techniques, well-being lectures, and music, making this practice easy to sustain. Select the methods according to your mood, then join up for their plus membership if you wish to access certain content, such as classes.


If you love writing diaries, then the DayOneApp is a more convenient way to do so. Writing stimulates the left brain, which is renowned for analytical and reasoning. In contrast, the right brain is free to develop, making journaling beneficial to both sides of the brain.

In addition, journaling may help you overcome all mental boundaries and get a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the environment around you. DayOneApp is a unique journaling app where you may include photographs, localized weather information, and geo-location information in your journal entry.



Meditation is a popular self-improvement technique due to its cognitive and emotional advantages. The best and most extensive meditation app you can get is Headspace. Because of its 500+ mindfulness meditation activities, sleeping sounds, concentration tunes, and more, this app becomes one of the top selections for the most fantastic self-improvement tool.

The application monitors your mindfulness adventure to encourage you to remain motivated. Users may customize their experiences to ease stress, enhance sleep, or remove anxiousness. In addition, Headspace has a unique ‘Move Mode’ function that includes physical and mental wellness workouts. For seven days, you may check out the premium content for free to see if it’s the best fit for you.

7 Minute Workout

Being fit, active, and healthy is one of the most acceptable methods to make yourself feel wonderful and enhance your experience in life. When you’re busy with your daily schedule, trying to find the best time to work out consistently might be challenging. However, that will no longer be an issue. The 7 Minute Workout app, which has over 1,000 workout variants, promises to overcome this challenge by allocating just seven minutes of beneficial activities every day.

The application also includes a Smart Workout function that monitors your fitness and enthusiasm levels in order to help you keep your performance to the max. Of course, a smartwatch would work best alongside this app to further track and supply data of your health and performance at all times.

Focus Timer

Have you been having trouble concentrating? If so, then try the Pomodoro approach, which requires you to focus on one job for at least 25 minutes, then take a small break before returning to it for another 25 minutes.

Suggested by productivity gurus worldwide, the technique used by the focus timer application is capable of helping you to focus on the task at hand. Furthermore, the simplicity of this application gives you the utmost convenience when you have something important to focus on. It will send you gentle alerts when your concentrate period is over and send another sign when it’s time to head back to work.


If you want to fall asleep at night even faster and wake up feeling more refreshed, this Shleep app is a great option to be downloaded on your smartphone. Shleep uses a survey to measure how well you sleep at night and then uses summative assessment to educate you on the best ways to improve your sleep. In addition, Shleep prioritizes particular modules above others based on your sleeping habits.


Don’t ever doubt the power of a well-phrased query. Powerful questions instill a sense of potential in the mind and stimulate it to contemplate new possibilities. Consequently, it pushes past the mental barriers imposed by prior paradigms. Coaches are known for raising solid questions, and Coach.me is no exception. Do you wish to improve your habits? A coach can assist you. Are you looking for fresh job opportunities? Again, a coach can assist you.


Technology is constantly evolving and improving, making remaining relevant a never-ending challenge. However, when you combine technology with your personal development goals, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.


Mental health is just as important as physical health. Many scientific researchers have shown that, similar to how physical exercise benefits physical well-being, neural activity benefits your mental well-being. Lumosity can help you in getting your brain engaged by encouraging you to play various games and solve various problems. It includes more than 40 tasks covering a wide range of mental skills, including memory, reasoning, agility, problem-solving, mathematics, and more.

My Affirmations

My Affirmations is an application that allows you to improve your perspective on life by constantly reminding you of the principles you wish to implant in your thoughts. It may help you stay focused on your goals and keep moving forward in the things they do by reminding them of their true desires. You may have several sorts of affirmations from various categories displayed as alerts during your chosen time. It’s free for you to download on your phone; however, that may be ads and in-app purchases.


To stop smoking entirely can be quite a challenge. SmokeFree can aid you in quitting smoking completely or gradually. The application provides users with encouraging slogans, recommendations, the amount of time they have gone without smoking, as well as a graph of money they have saved. In addition, you may use it to create self-motivational goals. For instance, one of the goals you could set is to buy a new phone with the money saved from not purchasing any cigarettes.


It’s important to set up a supportive environment if you want to reduce your alcohol consumption. Loosid is an online community that supports and honors those who have committed to remain sober. The idea behind the creation of this app is that being sober is not the end of the good times, but it’s the beginning. In addition, through this application, you may find buddy groups, relationship opportunities, and alcohol-free activities.


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