Double Your Audience By Making Social Media Video

Social media marketing has become a very integral part of video marketing. Video content has become a driving force to engage the audience by making relevant and interesting visual and audio content. You’d be surprised to know that social media can even be a stronger medium to attract attention to your business than images or text alone. 

Here are some steps to focus on while making social media videos. 

Record Cinematic Videos on iPhone 


The first part of any project is brainstorming and ideation. Set your goals and aims for your social media marketing strategy for this process. Determine what you wish to achieve through your video and be creative! You can browse suitable topics to derive inspiration from when coming up with video ideas.

Make sure that your video ideas are relevant to your business and provide some value to your audience. Find out what topics are trending and relevant to your business and focus on them. Also, look at popular brands and businesses working in the same industry, look at their most popular and shared content and take inspiration. 

Assemble your video set-up 

Find the perfect location or backdrop for your video. Your background should have proper lighting. You can also get creative and look for interesting themes. This could be filming in a garden, in the aesthetic corner of your city, or a sunny corner of your home or office. 

Time to record!

Now that you have decided on your topic of focus for your video content, it is time to start recording. You do not need to have expensive equipment or spend a lot of money to record. Technology has advanced, and you can even use your smartphone to record videos. Use a tripod to make sure that your video is stable and professional. Find good lighting and set up your background for the video. 


The most important part of a video-making journey is editing. Bring all your essential shots into the editing process. Editing, although it looks complex, is much easier than it seems. With the right tools and video editors, you will be able to edit your video in no time. You do not have to spend your money on expensive video editors when free online video editor are available on the internet for your use.

You’ll be surprised to know that editors come up with many features of professional video editing. However, you need to edit your video content concerning each social media platform for social media. Different social media platforms have different video requirements and limits. Based on the ideal social media video lengths and ad performance data, here are the requirements; 

  • Facebook: Recommended less than 60 seconds for short videos and 2-5 mins for long videos. 
  • Twitter: Recommended 15 seconds.
  • Instagram feed: Recommended 26 seconds. 
  • Instagram stories: Recommended 15 seconds.
  • LinkedIn: Recommended 30 to 90 seconds.

In simple words, editing is cropping the mistakes or irrelevant content from your video clip. Using an online video trimmer, you can trim irrelevant content from your video’s front and tail portions

Add captions 

Most people use social media while they are on the go as a part of their busy life schedule. If your video has only sound and no captions, your audience might not bother switching on the sound or music and just scroll past your video.

The goal is to slow down your audience’s scrolling, get their attention and make them stop at your videos. Captions are known to drive engagement and are very helpful for people who do not have time to connect their earphones in a public space but still want to observe the information given in the video.

Captions are also one way of using SEO or search engine optimization. Adding keyword texts in your video will help you get noticed by search engines like Google, further increasing visibility and accessibility. 

Curate your social media post 

You are now ready to post your video content on your social media platforms. While curating your social media posts, make sure that you include keywords in the description. Keep your description short and relevant while also ensuring that it gives your audience a brief description of what your video content offers.

Use inspiring quotes. Use hashtags to get noticed and for your target audience to discover your video. Use special characters and line breaks. Lastly, mention contributors or collaborators so that they get notified and share your video when it gets posted. Mentions make your social media post immediately relevant to those who share and promote your video. 

Post at peak times 

Using social media metrics, you can determine when your audience is the most active. These are the optimal times you should consider when posting your video content. Check your analytics frequently on your social media platforms to understand how your audience is engaging with your content. 

Promote and share your social media post. 

Once you have made your post public, you need to start working on gaining and increasing your audience. Focus on the visibility of your post by sharing it with friends, family, colleagues, and people relevant to your industry. Your video is more likely to make it to the search engine reports by sharing since it triggers the social media platform’s algorithms.

You can even customize the URL of your video content to use keywords. Use the shareable link in emails, chat groups, or other social media platforms. Once your video is out there, track your progress by keeping an eye on the analytics and demographics of your video to understand how your followers and responding to your content. 

To conclude, be strategic when working with video content. Aim to double and increase your audience through your video content. Your video content should resonate with your audience. It should be relevant to your industry and your brand message. You do not need professional video editing skills to curate social media video content, work on the basics, and you can ace it in no time! 


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