8 Best Features of WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business has become a must-have app for almost every business across the world. The app is perfect for businesses to serve their customers instantly and have personalized conversations with prospects. 

Almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp, and when a company is available on WhatsApp Business, they can ask any query, clarify doubts and approach the support team without delay. Therefore, the WhatsApp Business app helps in improving customer interaction and experience. Here are the top 8 best features of the WhatsApp Business App that make businesses stand out easily.


1. A Complete Business Profile 

WhatsApp Business app helps a business to showcase its brand and contact details easily through WhatsApp Business profile. A business can put up the business description along with contact information such as address, contact number, email address, and website. The verified badge helps customers to identify the real account of businesses and save themselves from online scammers.

Steps – WhatsApp Business App> Settings> Business Settings> Profile.

2. Instant Reply To Messages 

Every business support team has to deal with several messages coming in at the same time depending on the size of the business. If the customers or prospects are sending common questions, you can save answers to such common questions so that you can quickly answer the message just by pressing ”/” and selecting any pre-recorded message you have saved questions the question.

For example, you can save three different messages for replying to any message such as “Hello”. All you need to do is open the chat and press “/” and you will get all the three different messages you have saved for Hello message and select any one of them to send across as reply to “Hello”. This feature is also available to third-party mods like yowhatsapp.

3. Auto Greeting

When a prospect messages on your business WhatsApp, you can set a greeting message beforehand so that the person gets the greeting message instantly. This is useful to create a good impression on the potential customers instead of sending nothing immediately in reply to his first messages to use. It eliminates the waiting time for the potential customers and helps in keeping the prospects hooked instead of moving on to the competitors.

Steps – WhatsApp Business App> Settings > Business Settings> Greeting message.

4. Labelling Contacts

WhatsApp Business app lets you classify your contacts in different categories or labels such as new customers, old customers, pending payments, new orders, and likewise. This helps to identify contacts and broadcast targeted messages to them and provide personalized service and messages.

Steps – Open the chat page of the contact and tap on Menu button and choose a label. You can also select “New label” option to create a new customized label.

5. Away Messages

When someone messages you on your WhatsApp Business app, you can send pre-recorded away messages. For example, you can send away messages containing the working hours so that the person knows when to expect a reply from the support team. You can schedule these away messages at any time when the support team is not active, not just before and after working hours.

Steps – WhatsApp Business App> Settings > Business Settings> Away Messages > Activate Away Messages.

6. Catalogs

Catalogs allow the business to showcase their products just like a physical catalog with product descriptions and prices. Any person can go through the catalog to understand the products the company is selling. There is no need for any person to go to the official website to check out products as they can do it instantly on WhatsApp itself. Catalogs have collections which are categories to have similar products under each collection for easy access.

Steps – WhatsApp Business App> Chats tab> More> Business Tools> Catalog> Add collection.

7. Call-To Action Messages

For any business, call-to-action messages are the most important as you can redirect users to make calls and send them to websites so that they can see whatever they want to. You can also offer users to answer quickly by setting predefined replies to choose from. Less typing and more clicking on option are always going to improve user experience.

Besides, you can set list messages containing up to 10 different options from which users can choose as per requirements. Therefore, you can fit in all the possible solutions to any query. Besides, there is no need for typing as users can choose instantly. They can press different keys to avail the options shown.

8. Miscellaneous 

You can integrate WhatsApp Payments for instant payments and grow business sales and revenue exponentially. Besides, you can integrate Facebook Shops where you can offer potential customers a customized shopping experience. You can showcase your products and services and it can take your business to the next level.


WhatsApp Business app has all the features focus so that businesses can improve user experience. Businesses provide better support to existing customers as well as automate replies to prospects to clarify their doubts. You can use all the different features that the WhatsApp Business app has to provide in order to boost your business credibility and value and take it to the next level.



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