6 Ways to Fix if Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to share pictures and videos with your followers. Almost everyone uses Instagram nowadays and it is common for people to have the application on their phones.

The developers of Instagram roll out updates for the application quite frequently. However, even after the updates Instagram really isn’t the perfect app without any sort of bugs or errors occurring periodically.

Irrespective of the developers working continuously to roll out updates and make the app more stable, a lot of the time you may face issues such as not being able to post pictures and videos on your account. One of the major issues of this app is that sometimes it does not let you upload photos at all.

A lot of users would be wondering why Instagram is not letting them post their pictures. There are a lot of reasons which cause such issues, however, there are solutions to the problem as well.

It is also important to debug the issue and spot the problem behind the issue in order to solve it effectively. There is no need to panic over this issue, by reading this article you can easily find out the solution. 

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Post a Picture or Video?

One of the most common reasons behind users not being able to upload photos on Instagram is that there may be an issue with the application of Instagram, specifically its cache memory.

If Instagram won’t let you post a picture, you need to update the application or even try clearing the cache of the application to solve the issue at hand.

Apart from the cache memory issue, there are a lot of other reasons that are common when it comes to uploading on Instagram. 

  1. Your phone can have a poor internet connection which is preventing you from uploading photos and videos.
  2. The Instagram app may forget to identify the video or picture format that you are trying to upload. 
  3. The content of your video or photo may be violating the terms and community standards of Instagram or you have not given relevant credit to the creator.
  4. Your Instagram account may have been banned or temporarily disabled from posting anything.

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How To Fix Instagram Not Posted Yet, Try Again Error?

Restart your device

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The first and the easiest solution to solve this issue would be to restart your phone. A simple restart will be able to solve your temporary software issues and will also fix Instagram’s posting issue.

On Android phones, you can easily press the power button and then you get the reboot option. On IOS devices, you need to press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears. The restart option is different according to different phones.

Reducing Your File’s Size

instagram marketing

If a user is trying to upload images or even videos that are imported directly from your high-quality camera then you may encounter an uploading issue.

We do not give attention to the Instagram file size limit but every user needs to be aware of the critical size and the aspect ratio before uploading any sort of high-quality image and video.

If you are uploading a file of 4K or UHD quality, it would take longer to upload but sometimes they won’t get posted for being too large in size or if the upload takes too long to be completed.

In order to solve this issue, you need to make sure that you reduce the file size before uploading it and even use the ideal image dimensions while uploading it. 

Resetting the Network Connection 

Take Screenshots On Snapchat Using Airplane mode

One of the most common reasons for this issue as mentioned before is an unstable or a poor network. If this is the reason then you need to refresh your network.

Try putting your device in aeroplane mode and even switch your network status to off and on and then check if doing this would solve the problem at hand. 

Clearing Instagram Cache Memory 

Most of the time after a user flashes the cache of the Instagram application, most of the issue gets resolved then and there. While you use the Instagram application, it generates and stores the cache on your phone.

The cache primarily holds all the metadata related to your account from your previous account entries. The cache memory may prevent apps from performing a regular activity. This can be a reason preventing you from posting photos/videos on Instagram.

In order to clear the Instagram cache, you need to open the app manager on your phone or directly access the Instagram app through your phone’s storage settings.

Now click on the clear cache option. Clearing cache is safe, it doesn’t affect your app data so you don’t need to log in again.

clear instagram cache to fix Instagram Doesnt Let Me Post Photos

After you have cleared the application cache, you need to check whether you can post photos or videos through the app. 

Checking the Instagram Policies

Instagram has very strict terms about what kind of pictures they can upload. They have bots put in place that can quickly identify any media content that is potentially violating their policies.

If your picture or video is violating the policies of Instagram then the app won’t let you post the respective picture/video.

Another situation is that when you are sharing something that you do not own then you have to give credit to the original creator of your post otherwise copyright issues may prevent you from posting such media.

So you need to make sure that your photos and videos comply with their policy and do not have any copyright issues. 

Changing your Instagram Data Settings

Instagram has a data saver settings embedded in the app that prevents the user from sharing a lot of posts at the same time.

In order to save your Internet data, the application disables some of the bulk uploading features. If you are not able to post any media on Instagram then there is a good possibility that your data saver is enabled.

Even though it is not directly related to single file uploading, you should still go and check it out once to ensure that the setting is not enabled. 

Using The Instagram Help Center

If nothing works, then you can ask for help from the Instagram support team. You can easily access the Instagram help centre to solve this particular problem. They will quickly provide the users with an array of solutions in order to resolve the problem.

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All you need to do is fill out a form and then describe your problem within the form. They will ensure that any bugs you encounter would be solved.

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