7 Ideas to make your Monday Better

Once again, it’s that day of the week: Monday which is difficult to swallow. Some refer to it as “mood out day,” while others regard it as a new opportunity. Regardless of what happens, we have all been there each week. The weekend changed in an instant. There are still five days till another weekend, and they all feel long.

Breakfast in bed or additional hours of sleep are no longer options, and even if you’re dreaming, it really is time to leave for work. Even if you don’t have your desired career, it is more than feasible to make Mondays better.

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Establish a Monday morning routine.

This might be as easy as going to your favourite coffee shop for an iced coffee, cleaning and preparing your workstation for the next week, or going for a short stroll around the block before starting the day’s work. Having only one “fun” practice gives the day something you can look forward to every day

Make the most out of Mondays to “set the pace” for the rest of the week.

There really is no greater joy than completing a yoga session and feeling powerful and successful. Use Mondays to plan a good lifestyle that you know you want to practice more often, such as learning to cook or reading during your lunch break. It doesn’t have to be related to exercise.

Monday mornings are for enjoying and laughing.

Listen to one of your favourite podcasts to cheer yourself up on a Monday. Laughing makes your morning go more smoothly and makes you more approachable when you have to engage with others. Find out what makes you happy if humorous podcasts aren’t your thing.

Playing online games in the early hours gives a good start to the day. You can play rummy online if you’re fond of card games or enjoy Call of duty if that’s your genre. Try using your imagination to add a little bit of playfulness to your Monday morning routine.

Get dressed up nicely.

You can look forward to Monday mornings by dressing in something vibrant or comfortable. Dressing up a little bit more usually helps, despite the fact that it may look a little superficial. Simply putting on lipstick or tying your hair up in a nice bun may count as dressing up; even though you might not do it every day, doing so usually leaves you feeling your finest, most confident self.

Individually, we all like dressing up and flaunting our new outfits. Put on a fresh outfit that would make you feel fresh and attractive. You will feel comfortable and stylish in a new outfit. It makes you grin widely as well.

Assign Monday as your day for a special meal.

A flavorful breakfast gives you energy and prepares you for the day. You may perform better on the job and run faster when you have more energy. If you skip meals, you can get agitated, restless, and exhausted.

A fresh, unexpected, and enjoyable meal should make you joyful. Making lunch in advance is one of the greatest ways to prepare for the day and avoid making impulsive purchases during hectic workdays, but scheduling “treats” might help you feel less deprived.

Plan an enjoyable activity for a break in your day.

Since sitting is the new smoking, it should go without saying that we should all take frequent breaks to get up from our desks and move about. On Mondays, we also urge you to add something to your to-do list that is just for your personal enjoyment. For example, half the joy of going on holiday is planning it. Take a break on Monday to search for the best restaurants and accommodations for your next major vacation.

Enjoy listening to your favourite music.

You get confidence and energy from listening to music. It enhances the charm and joy in your life. Additionally, it will alter your facial expression. You may relax your mind and spirit by listening to some nice tracks while travelling to work or enjoy your favourite playlist during your breaks or free time. Good music will definitely make your Monday enjoyable and relaxing.


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