How to Log Out of Amazon App/Website (iPhone & Android)

Amazon is a large online retailer that offers great deals and products to its customers. It also offers apps for both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can easily shop on the go. While Amazon has an app or website available for almost any device, logging out of the app or website on your smartphone can be difficult. If you’re looking for a way to sign out of the Amazon app or website then follow these simple steps.

Why Is It So Hard To Log Out Of Amazon?

If you’ve ever had to log out of Amazon, you know it can be difficult. In fact, it’s often one of the most frustrating experiences you’ll have on the site. Here’s why it’s so hard to log out: Amazon takes your data very seriously. 

Customers often use Amazon Prime to get free two-day shipping. That’s a big deal for anyone who needs to buy products from Amazon, and it means that the site has a lot of customers who like to shop on Amazon. 

But Amazon Prime could also be used for purchases that are not strictly for household items. Because of this, Amazon wants you to stick around on their site as long as possible. To keep people buying things from them, they need to make sure you’re logged into the site. 

If they think you’re logging off, they’ll keep track of how long you spend shopping on their site each month and will let you know soon after your visit if it looks like your account is inactive. In this way, Amazon Prime can help them keep track of how long people stay on the site and how long they shop. 

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How To Sign out from Your Amazon Account?

If you use the Amazon website or app on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten to the point in your browsing where you need to log out of your account. 

In general, it can be hard to log out of Amazon. The process is not always intuitive or straightforward. In some cases, you may have to navigate through multiple menus and screens in order to exit the site. 

Additionally, Amazon has implemented a number of security measures that make it difficult for users to log out of their accounts. There are multiple things that you can do if you want to log out of Amazon. 

First, there are two things that you can do to access the login page. The first option is to click on the “Logout” button at the bottom of your screen. This will take you back to the main page without prompting any additional steps. 

However, this does not always work for every user. In some cases, users may need to scroll down or use another method to get back to the main login page.

The second option for logging out of Amazon is simpler and easier than most other alternatives. You need to click on your profile picture and then select your name from the drop-down menu that appears underneath it. This will take you back to your profile page where you can select the “Log Out” option. Here’s a step-by-step process to guide you through.

How To Log Out from the Amazon Website?

1. Open the Amazon Website on your device. 

2. Click on the Category menu (Hamburger icon) in the top left corner of the screen. 


3. Under “Help & Settings,” click on “Sign Out.” If you’re signed in to multiple accounts, select “Sign out of all devices and accounts” from the dropdown menu on your screen when asked. This will remove all of them, preventing you from logging into any of them again.

log out from amazone website

  • Another way of logging out of the Amazon Website is by clicking on Account & lists on the top right corner and clicking “Sign Out” under Your Account.

sign out from amazon website

How to Sign Out from the Amazon App

There are a few ways to log out of the Amazon App or Website on your Android phone. 

If you are using the Amazon App, you can: 

1. Tap the three lines in the bottom right corner of the screen.

amazon app homepage copy

2. Tap on Settings. 

3. Click “Sign Out”

sign out of amazon app

Log Out from Amazon Website On Your Phone

1. Click on your name in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down to Settings.

3. Under Settings, click on Log Out.

Whether you’re trying to quickly log out of the Amazon app on your phone or laptop, and just need some help navigating to a different page on the website, this guide will have you logging out in no time. Whether you’re using an Android device, iOS device, or computer, follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go!

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