Perfect Scheduling: What is Scheduling Software?

A scheduling software is a local or cloud-based computer application that automates some aspects of employee scheduling, including time tracking, employee communication, and management of work schedules.

With scheduling software productivity of any fleet size increases. Planning becomes easy and strategic goals become more and more ambitious. 

What is scheduling software?

Maintaining a schedule is an inevitable part of personal time management. Setting up daily meetings, and planning doctor appointments are routine tasks that a person can do with pen and paper. A calendar and a notepad work for individuals.

Yet, a company that operates dozens of scheduling assignments seeks more. Some brick-and-mortar practices still circulate in the world of logistics and transportation. They fail to deliver satisfactory results. Using maps and manual trip scheduling slows down businesses. It results in errors and high expenses. Scheduling software appeared as a response to huge demand from the transportation industry. 

How does it work?

On average a middle-sized company deals with dozens of requests. These are not one-type orders that have the same solution. The traditional range of bookings that come to a non-emergency transportation service is diverse. It needs a wheelchair, stretcher lifts, ambulances, etc.

It is hard to plan multi-load trips if the requests are impossible to combine. So, non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software uses specific algorithms. The program collects all orders, analyses them, and allows seamless assigning of a vehicle to a trip within a suitable time frame.

When compared to other medical transportation sectors, NEMT, or non-emergency medical transport, is the fastest segment. In order to ensure smooth and error-free work management and delivery, you must make sure you have the appropriate tools and strategy.


  • Seamless conflict resolutions. Handling day-to-day cooperation with customers and other parties manually requires multiple operators. Most conflicts would be resolved on the phone or via endless communications. A program offers decisions and implements them without minimal interference from a dispatcher. 
  • Allows taking more orders. It calculates the real capabilities of the organization and puts them to use. 
  • You can get a real-time update on the delivery and make sure that any dynamic obstacles are avoided by using NEMT scheduling software. To give your customers an immersive experience of a quality delivery ecosystem, you can provide them with real-time tracking information.
  • Introduces real-time changes to schedules. GPS tracking of all the drivers and destinations enables instant modifications to ongoing routes.
  • Accelerates reporting. Whenever a booking comes in, it is recorded in the system. Such reports can be easily extracted at any time. They come in handy whenever you prepare tax, marketing, or inventory reports, and develop a strategy. 
  • Another scheduling software benefit is compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws and regulations. Examples include setting up rules regarding the rounding of employee time, tracking employees taking long or short breaks and meals (there are system lockouts to discourage this), and again, tracking overtime.

Why turn to software?

Automatic scheduling allows your business to run smoothly.If you have different companies and multiple schedules your job is even harder. It works without scrupulous monitoring. It also eliminates chances of complications, lateness, no-shows, and errors. 

Gives you an ease of self-service

Employees can use their mobile phones to access the system, thanks to effective scheduling software. Employees can easily view their schedules remotely, 24 hours a day, using this self-service feature.

In addition, they have the assurance that the request will be seen by the appropriate authority, who will deal with any requests for shift or work record changes or for leave. This not only makes communication easier, but it also cuts down on the time needed for face-to-face conversations or discussions about unexpected absences.

Besides, it creates and stores data on bookings completed and enables swift and correct reporting. Tracking bookings is a must, and working on it manually is needless and unproductive. Using the ISI Technology software, for example, guarantees that all incoming orders are registered.

They can later be analyzed and used for expanding your strategic goals. For example, whenever you decide to add more vehicles to your fleet or extend the areas of activity. The industry evolves and creates new challenges. So, the developers are constantly improving applications. It is often possible to add custom features that your company misses badly. 


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