When and Why to Use React Js 

Being a well-known widespread technology, React is often chosen by software professionals who work on applications that require highly-responsive UIs with great visuals. What are the most appropriate cases for its utilizing? Let’s discover the most widespread usage of React js development service.

The examples of React implementation are eCommerce stores, social networks, high-volume performant applications, etc. In this article, we will research the reasons why you should try React js, its most prominent characteristics, and peculiarities of React that make it a valuable tool in the development of performant apps. Read on to learn more about these topics.

react js

Concept of React js

As a JS library, its origin is rooted in the concept of building highly-responsive UIs with robust visuals. Since the time it was initially launched, it has increased its popularity manifold and now it is often considered to be one of the most significant instruments for JS-oriented development.

Although React is not entirely a wholesome framework, but rather just a library, this can be considered as an advantage when we speak about its simplicity. When engineers grasp the concept of React, they will be able to use it to learn React Native for the creation of mobile apps subsequently.

When to Use Reactjs

React is a perfect tool for handling user-friendly, super speed single-page applications, creating highly-responsive apps of miscellaneous purpose, heavy-load efficient apps, interactive user interfaces, fast-loading web apps, mobile apps for native platforms, adding SEO-friendly characteristics, creating highly-scalable apps that require frequent upgrading, building eCommerce stores and popular social networks.

React and JS are popular technologies on the IT market. The specialists in these technologies are often sought after by companies, similar to the experts in such desired technologies as Java development service, PHP, etc. Further we will observe a number of most significant cases where React js has proved to be most beneficial.

Nevertheless, not each project is a suitable event to implement it. For instance, when we speak about a small-scale project, the aim of which is to create a basic plain app, it is possible to code it in JavaScript alone and resorting to React js would not be wise enough. 

However, when we have to deal with heavy-load complex projects that include multiple elements with abundant dynamic features, interactive functionalities and rich visuals – then you are good to go with React js. Because of declarative characteristics of React-based components, developers can work with an app efficiently even when the project acquires large-scale characteristics and customer requirements expand as well.

Reasons to Use Reactjs

Let’s consider the reasons why it is a good idea to start utilizing Reactjs.

  1. First of all, it is easy enough for engineers to learn and start implementing quickly, especially for the specialists who are already proficient in JavaScript. In the case your specialists on the project have the knowledge of JS, Reactjs will be not difficult for them to master.
  2. You can reuse components in React. Each React-based app consists of independent components that have their own logic, so engineers are welcome to reuse them in the application when they see it fit.
  3. Engineers are free to design an application’s architectural features they like.
  4. The ultimate consumer of the React-based products can not reach out to the internal structure of the app.
  5. React Native framework is another outstanding JavaScript tool for creating mobile applications that you can use. The applications can compile the JS coding into the native coding.
  6. The tool offers an amazing set of instruments that enhance the process of engineering. Robust tool set enhances the workflows and streamlines the creation of appealing graphic design, thorough documents, and other elements that let engineers create apps in quick and easy way.
  7. The friendly community consists of Reactjs developers who are always eager to give a helping hand to fellow specialists and provide them with valuable advice if they need it. On the web specialists can find a multitude of guides and tutorials to help them through their journey with Reactjs. With support and friendly advice, specialists are encouraged to grow professionally and share their expertise with their more junior colleagues.
  8. React can boast of high speed. When engineers introduce any enhancements to the virtual copies of the Document Object Model, the two versions are compared in React js. Then, the real version carries out re-rendering of the transformed part. Thanks to this characteristic, processes speed up.
  9. All the adjustments that have been made in the view level can not affect the model. This being said, the datasets move only one way. Thanks to this feature, software engineers can avoid probable undesirable consequences.
  10. Coding in React js is simpler compared to other famous JS-oriented frameworks. For example, engineers can create user interfaces just with pure functions.


Reactjs is a versatile robust technology that can help engineers in creating highly functional apps. As a frontend library, the technology was initially created to meet the goals of more problem-free procedures of building dynamic UIs enriched with a high level of interactivity.

This was revolutionary at the time when it was launched to the market. The technology provides programmers with a chance to build top-notch reliable and feature-rich productive apps.

Resulting from React’s rich technical characteristics, the apps build with it are enhanced with dynamics, abundant visual effects and interactivity. Consequently, the stakeholders get robust performant apps that cater to the client’s needs and improve UX.


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