Simple Secrets to Keeping a Clutter-Free Study Space 

Many students can relate to having a messy desk. But a messy study environment can distract you from important tasks, reduce your productivity, and lower your academic performance, which is the last thing a student wants. Below are some easy yet effective ways to keep a clutter-free study space and get your office in tip-top shape.  

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Create To-Do Lists

First, it can be very difficult to keep track of everything that you have to do during your busy college day. So, to combat this, you need to make it your rule to create to-do lists. Though it may sound simple and trite, you can’t obviously overestimate the importance of a well-thought-out to-do list when you have so much on your plate.

For this you might need a dedicated application on your smartphone or a good old pen and paper. Make sure to keep track of all phone calls, emails, chores, places you need to go, and deadlines you need to meet.

After all, college life can be very overwhelming at times. And planning your schedule can go a long way in helping you stay on top of your tasks, as well as boosting your productivity and self-management skills. 

Create a File System 

What do you usually do with all those papers that come across your desk each day? A great way to organize and keep them in their correct positions is to create a file system. Making a simple filing system is the key to decluttering and managing your storage wisely. To make this system even more effective, make sure it accounts for all the different types of paperwork you have. 

Once you’re done with the paper, you may want to move it to a more permanent location or dispose of it by shredding. By the way, lots of students view shredding as an effective way to not only get rid of clutter but also create a monotonous atmosphere conducive to meditation, which, as you know, helps to reduce stress and calm anxiety

Ensure Everything Has Its Own Home 

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff scattered all around your study room. So, one of the key principles of effective space management is to make sure that each and every item in your study has its own home. For example, you may want to create a small designated zone for all your desk supplies.

Packing materials, magazines, and the like might go into baskets, which are rightly considered by students as amazing storage solutions. So, if something comes into your study space, it doesn’t have a home, either find one for it or get rid of it. 

Keep It Clean and Tidy

Part of having an organized study room is also having a clean study room. It’s a rare student who doesn’t know how unpleasant their electronics can become during a week. So, giving your keyboard, mouse, and phone a quick wipe-down can be a great idea.

Disinfecting your electronics and other supplies that may gather dust and grease over time can give you a more productive and what’s also very important, healthier workspace. 

Finally, you may find it very motivating to line up everything on your study desk parallel or perpendicular to the edge of the desk. This makes it look tidier and neater. That way, when you come in the next morning, you’ll feel motivated to get to work immediately instead of being annoyed by a total mess on your desk. 

Final Word 

The tips mentioned in today’s post might sound like a no-brainer. But if you make them a habit, chances are very soon you’ll start to enjoy a cleaner and more organized study space where your productivity and creativity will blossom. 


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