What Can a Car Locksmith Do For You?

There are many locksmiths available, and most of them specialize in one procedure or hardware. Typically, an automotive locksmith specializes in cars, but some are well-rounded, like our service. 

Servleader has a team of car locksmith technicians who do everything from installing and selling gun safes to access control installation, key cutting and lock repair. We can also install security cameras and handle traditional locksmith needs, so every service is available to our customers.

On top of it all, we are a car locksmith service. Our employees are trained in various auto topics to assist everyone who owns a vehicle. Let’s learn more about what a car locksmith does and when to hire them. If you already know you need one, call us for assistance now!

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Unlock the Car

Most people call a car locksmith to open their vehicle. In fact, locksmiths often have friends who go around saying that they unlock houses and cars.

Regardless of how you get locked out of the car, you need a licensed and trained locksmith to help you without causing more damage and repair costs.

We feel it’s best to call an auto locksmith service because they are professionals who can save money and time. When you need automotive locksmith services it’s always better to check a few reviews before choosing the right company. Emergency locksmith is another popular service reliable locksmith contractors often provide.

If you faced a car lockout issue or need new transponder keys just check the Internet for mobile locksmith experts who work in your area. They always have a necessary key duplication equipment and are one phone call away from the location where you stuck.

Copy the Key

You may have recently called a locksmith service to get the car unlocked and wish that never happens again. Our locksmiths can make duplicates of the car key so that you can tuck it away and have it in case of an emergency.

Often, we use metal key blanks for inexpensive options and for those who own older vehicles. They’re the same as what you use for a cabinet or home, and they function similarly.

If you own a newer vehicle, you will likely have a transponder key (for makes and models from the year 2000 onward). They’re often called chip keys and use a special transponder to send signals to the computer inside the vehicle. Without one, the engine can’t start.

In these situations, you may still ask the locksmith to use a metal key blank to unlock the trunk, doors, and glovebox. It just can’t start the engine. Typically, that’s not a problem because you simply have a lockout; you’re on the road and your keys are inside, but you can’t access them, and a locksmith can assist.

Making a New Key

Sometimes, the car locksmith unlocks the vehicle, but you still can’t find your keys. Did you lose everything on the keyring or the ring itself? Luckily, locksmiths can fix those issues and able to help you with car key replacement. Car lock problems aren’t problems if you have a good mobile locksmith near you who can rekey your lock in a matter of hours if not minutes. If you need a car key replacement or key duplication just call now and share your location. Our mobile locksmith expert will be there in less than an hour. He will provide you with all possible solutions for your problem and help you get a spare key if you need it.

Depending on the car type, a locksmith service has many techniques and industry tools to determine what cuts should be placed on the blade to work your car. Even if those options fail, a reputable locksmith can work within the dealer network to receive the original factory cuts.

Those with a transponder key aren’t left out! The car locksmith can cut a key to open the vehicle with special software that accesses the computer so that it recognizes your new transponder!

Programming Remotes and Key Fobs

Most new vehicles feature remotes that unlock and lock the vehicle. Some even have a “proximity key” that opens up the car without pushing a button. Your local car locksmith can also handle those high-tech devices!

Each car requires one physical keyhole, though you may not see the key blade because it’s hidden in the remote and features a switch to release them. A locksmith can easily copy that key to help you manually open your car or use more traditional means to get inside.

After that, it’s all about programming. Your locksmith plugs in a special tool into the computer and uses software to program the remote control or proximity key. In fact, locksmiths can use that software to eliminate lost and old keys from its system. That means a lost key doesn’t get into a thief’s hands if your vehicle gets stolen.

Feel free to call us when you need locksmith services!

Fixing a Broken Fob

If you have a key fob, but the buttons don’t work, the solution is the same: use professional locksmith services. The locksmith will test and replace your fob battery, clean the circuit board without damage, and attach the key blades for your flip key. Part of the service sometimes includes replacing the button pads. Car key replacement can be done fast. Throughout the day it usually takes about an hour to replace car keys which is quite fast compared to fixing residential locksmith tasks.

While you want a quick and cheap fix, a locksmith service focuses on if the fob is salvageable or if you should get it replaced. We never let you needlessly spend money on a new one if yours can work again. To find a good mobile locksmith who can fix your car keys problem you can search for it in Google and check reviews and their blog to make a shortlist. Then try to contact a few and check the areas their service covers.

Rekeying the Lock Cylinders

Has the car door lock gotten damaged by thieves? Does the key not work in the ignition? Do you have a commercial vehicle with broken lockboxes? Locksmith services can assist with all of these things.

A local car locksmith can easily order ignition and door cylinders and key them correctly. This is just part of the service you get when you call us.

Even if your vehicle wasn’t damaged, you may need this service if you have an older car. As you continue using the key, the delicate innards wear out with time. That means the key doesn’t do its job, but you don’t have to keep the doors unlocked.

Locksmith services can help you get factory cuts and a new key/set replacement to restore the vehicle’s security. Sometimes you may even need a commercial locksmith service for your business. If that’s the case, you need to contact our customer support line and we’ll call you back to check how we can help.

Making Keys or Unlocking Trailers

Sometimes, you’re not dealing with an emergency vehicle lock problem. The lock is attached to something else. Commonly, small keys are used to operate padlocks, pin/coupler locks, and trailer hitch locks, and they can fail. However, our locksmith services have you up and running quickly. Contact us any time you face lockouts because you lost your car keys or even need a professional residential locksmith.

Whether you need us to come to you for service or you come to the locksmith, they can create new keys with software and codes. Even if no code is available, excellent locksmith services can pick the lock itself or drill it off so that you can replace it with a new one.

As part of our car key replacement service, we generally recommend getting extra copies made of your new key. Call us for help today! 


Locksmith services can do many things to restore security and keep the car safe. Likewise, our locksmiths handle ATVs and motorcycle locks, too! When you need service, it’s wise to rely on Servleader.


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